• Healthy Lifestyle

    New Year Resolutions are full of great intentions, great aspirations and great enthusiasm. Some resolutions are much more difficult to keep than others. Typically these resolutions are statements of ultimate purpose. Personal promises are made to lose weight, complete a monumental task, spend more time with the family or live a more healthy lifestyle. Plans and aggressive schedules are hastily cobbled together to attain our lofty goals, occasionally fueled by champagne and high spirits. The biggest challenge comes later, with 364 more days to fulfill the promises and commitments made on New Years Eve.

    Commitments to take control of our lives are often sparked by some special occasion or change in season. Preparing for summer, facing ourselves in the mirror with a bathing suit and pale complexion, that is enough to ignite a temporary transformation. Preparing for a family gathering, a wedding or a school reunion can also be cause for personal reflection and prompt attention to our appearance and our lifestyle. You do not have to wait for a new year, a change in the seasons or a celebration to take control of your life. Taking control of your life can be a daily celebration, a renewable resolution and as gradual as the change in the seasons.

    By focusing on the goal, and not on the process, sometimes we try to do too much at once. For example, joining a fitness club on Friday and deciding to work out one hour every day may seem like a great plan during the weekend, and then suddenly seem like a great burden by Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday. Losing 30 pounds can lose it’s excitement once the first 10 pounds are erased and the next 20 pounds become a struggle. Sudden changes in eating habits can impact your level of energy, your emotions and your attitude. Drastic changes may be difficult to sustain, even after the goals are attained.

    Creating a healthy lifestyle means adjusting your daily routine. If you can repeat something for 30 days, it becomes part of your routine and part of your lifestyle. You can adjust your lifestyle gradually over time, achieving your goals in a manner that can be sustained and maintained. For example, maybe you want to be able to run a mile or two every day. Start by walking for ten minutes at approximately the same time every morning or every evening. If you can maintain this commitment for one month, then you can extend it to twenty minutes another month, and then later to thirty minutes. After several months, you will be able to adjust your time, five minutes jogging and fifteen minutes walking, and so on. By the time that you are running for one or two miles, you will have established a comfortable routine, and you will have continuously improved your healthy lifestyle during the course of the preparation.

    Creating a healthy lifestyle might also include controlling or decreasing unwanted or unfavorable habits. For example, you might have a desire to change your routine by decreasing consumption of alcohol or tobacco. You might want to limit your intake of salt, soda or sweets. Rather than punishing yourself with a starvation diet, you might begin by making a commitment to limit your ‘fast food’ consumption to three times per week. If you can maintain that lifestyle for one or two months, then you might reduce it to two days per week, or even one day. The secrets to success are consistency and realistic goals with personal commitment and tracking.

    Begin by making a list of things that you want to do and a list of things that you want to reduce. Don’t try to do everything at once. Rather, choose one thing that you would like to do, determine a reasonable portion of it to start with, and do that for one month. Remember, you are not going to start by running a mile on the first day, so choose a portion of your goal that you can turn into a daily commitment. Focus on your commitment, track, and keep your daily routine for one month. Then, the following month, continue to keep that routine while you begin to do something from the list of things that you want to reduce. Keep up the pace as you alternate months, adding good habits and slowly reducing the unwanted ones.

    Don’t worry that you are not changing everything overnight. By taking time to control your routines, change your habits and create a healthy lifestyle, you are making more permanent improvements to your life. Rapid changes with overnight improvements can sometimes result in rapid changes back to the unwanted habits. However, if you can make a continuous commitment, no matter how seemingly small or insignificant at the time, maintaining long term changes can have long lasting results.

    It’s time to create your healthy lifestyle. You can start right away. Now is the best time to start. Make a list of positive improvements in small and manageable steps. Make a list of thing that you would like to control, decrease or slowly give up. Choose your first new habit, track it for a month and make it your new routine. Keep that habit as you begin to work on the next one the following month. It’s your life, and you have plenty of time to turn it into the lifestyle that you want to live.

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    Words of Wisdom

    “Exercise alone provides psychological and physical benefits. However, if you also adopt a strategy that engages your mind while you exercise, you can get a whole host of psychological benefits fairly quickly.”

    – James Rippe MD

    “I still need more healthy rest in order to work at my best. My health is the main capital I have and I want to administer it intelligently.”

    – Earnest Hemingway

    “Taking control of your life can be a daily celebration, a renewable resolution and as gradual as the change in the seasons.”

    – John Mehrmann


  • The Best Natural Products For Menopause

    Menopause is not just a simple or ordinary female condition. It is something that all women will undergo but does not want to due to several reasons. When a woman reaches her menopausal age, her ovaries will stop producing hormones. That is why the estrogen level in her body will drop and menstrual cycle will end. This will create an extreme change in her personality and whole well-being. Women will start having several symptoms and signs that is associated with menopause such as night sweats, depression, anxiety and many others.

    There are lots of products these days that will help ease the menopausal symptoms. Here are the best natural products for menopause:

    · Menozac

    What we need to have when entering our menopausal age is something that will stop or at least relieve the related symptoms. That is what the Menozac do. It is a scientifically made product that wills relief symptoms like hot flashes, mood swings, night sweats, anxiety, palpitations, vaginal dryness, insomnia and urinary changes. This is one of the best natural products for menopause. It is made by all-natural ingredients like herbs and other plants that are used for the relief of menopause symptoms. They are all combined in the Menozac product which makes it so effective.

    It helps in the overall well-being of a woman so that she will always enjoy life even though she has reached her middle age and will almost reach old age.

    · Promensil

    The Promensil is considered as one of the best natural products for menopause for its effectiveness in relieving symptoms of menopause such as hot flushes, and night sweats. It also helps promotes the strength of bones and maintain the cardio vascular health of the patient. It is also made by natural ingredients like essential herbs and plants. One is sure to have a relief from menopausal indicators so that they can better enjoy their middle age life.

    · Menopol

    This is another natural product that for menopause that offers very effective relief from lots of symptoms. The Menopol actually works like a multivitamin. It is not a type of strong medication so we do not have to worry for any side effects to the liver. It is also made with natural herbs which make it safe for everyone to take. Symptoms like vaginal dryness, hot flash, mood swings and many others can all be treated by just one product that is the Menopol.

    Those are the best natural products for menopause based on the different product reviews. They are the best among all the other menopause products that are made from natural ingredients. We can always get them from drug stores, or maybe order them online. Take a part in using them and feel the relief from any menopausal problems.

  • Day Spas Facts

    A day spa is business that offers a number of personal care services to their customers. Some of these services include facials or massages. Unlike destination spas, people are only expected to stay at day spas until their treatment is complete. Waxing is another common service that is offered, and the body hair of the customers will removed by using warm wax. A day spa should be a place which is clean and comfortable. Each customer will have their own private room where they will receive treatments. If the customer wants to take a shower before their treatment begins, there are often showering facilities which will be available for men and women.

    A high quality day spa will typically be operated by an esthetician who is licensed to work in the field. A day spa will also employ trained therapists who are skilled with massages or other products. Spa robes and shoes should be available in sizes that will match most clients. The massages that are available will fall under multiple categories, and some of these are Swedish, Deep Muscle, or Shiatsu. In addition to waxing, the facility should also have heat treatments, laser hair removal, or hand and foot treatments. As the name implies day spas will often have a hot tub or sauna. Some customers will be able to hire a personal trainer, and many establishments feature yoga as well.

    A day spa is an excellent place for those who are looking to reduce stress. The workers in the day spa should give a warm welcome to their clients, and if you are new, they will explain to you the different procedures they use. Once they have explained the procedures, you will be taken to your private room where you can dress in a robe. Drinks may often be served in the form of water or juices. If you are a guest, you are expected to be on time for your appointment. If you are paying for body services, you will need to dress in a robe, and your therapist will expose the areas that will be treated. The goal of your therapist is to provide you with the treatments you need.

    As you are treated, you will want to provide feedback to therapist on how you feel. The most important thing for you to do is relax. Let the therapist do the work, though you may talk to them if you wish. If you have children, it is best to leave them at home, because they can disrupt the quiet atmosphere and disturb other customers. Some day spas will require gratuities, while others will not. It is important to have this information available before you make an appointment. There are a number of behaviors which will not be tolerated at most day spas. A visitor who is drunk will be promptly removed from the facility. Customers are not supposed to be abusive to the therapists. It is also not acceptable to visit most spas without first making appointments, as many of them may be booked on any given day.

  • Healthy Lifestyle

    Consuming more of fresh fruits and vegetables decreases your chance of developing cancer. Increased intake of processed meat products such as sausages, bacon and the like also increases your chances of developing one. Daily exercise and maintaining a normal body weight will decrease your chance of having malignancies. These are healthy advices that a person may have heard at least once in his or her lifetime and may think that this is overrated. A latest study in Britain has showed that reality is rather different to what we have thought of it since there is an alarming proportion if Britain’s population that is unaware to these simple truths. It was in January 2009 that this survey was conducted having been ordered by the World Cancer Research Fund or WCRF and 1,968 adults took part in this survey and it was found out that 41% of the participants were not conscious that there is an increased risk for cancer when an individual has a poor diet.

    One hundred fifty grams of processed meat products can increase a person in developing colon cancer to 63% according to WCRF. Though 70% of participants in the study were unaware of connection between processed meat and cancer; 44% of them is oblivious to the fact that overweight people increase cancer risks and those not aware that lack of exercise can increase cancer risks were 58%.

    The first reason why this statistic is quite disturbing is because reasons like being overweight, lack of exercise and poor diet play a major role in the development of cancer. Second, it will also predispose a person to develop other harmful diseases.

    Preventive education should be focused more in this fight against cancer. According to Henry Scowcroft who is the science information manager at Cancer Research UK, it is essential for the need to increase the awareness on how lifestyle plays a big part in the development in cancer.

    Britain may be the area of the actual survey but it may somewhat happen globally and drift in the United States and other countries and the results would not be actually different. Fortunately, people do listen when these issues are addressed and according to other surveys conducted there have been lifestyle changes when it comes to food intake and level of physical activity done by individuals. With the continuing education the public receives it will eventually lead to a healthier population.

    Like the saying goes, “garbage in, garbage out.” Whatever you put in into your body comes out at a later time. It all depends now on fate how exactly those things turn out to be.