• 5 New technology inventions you didn’t know existed #22

    ▶ 5 new technology inventions you didn’t know existed #22 ◀
    Inventions in this episode:

    #5 EveryKey http://aristcafe.com/
    #4 Magic Cable http://displ.io/
    #3 ONAGOfly Drone http://www.onagofly.com/
    #2 Saber Forge: Adaptive Saber Parts https://www.saberforge.com/
    #1 Lix Pen http://lixpen.com/

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  • Special Weather Statment.

    Special Statement
    10:43 AM EDT on March 20, 2016

    …1 to 4 inches of snow expected across western and north central
    Massachusetts tonight…

    Snow is expected to develop across western and north central
    Massachusetts between 9 PM and midnight. Snow accumulations are
    expected to range from 1 to 4 inches…with the highest of those
    amounts likely along and southeast of a line from Springfield to

    Roads will become snow covered and slippery overnight. Snow will
    likely come to an end between 6 and 10 am Monday…but untreated
    roads will likely remain slippery for the Monday morning rush
    hour. A Winter Weather Advisory may be issued later this afternoon
    for some of this region.

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  • The Secret To Health & Wellness Is No Secret

    You’ve seen the make-up of a human cell. Whether it be a form of cancer, obesity, skin disorders, sleep disorders, bone diseases, heart diseases, the undenying truth lies in the fact, that all health and wellness problems are mainly caused because of what you eat, outside elements you can’t control, some lack of exercise, plain and simple. If the truth be told, you are what you eat.

    When you begin to understand why the body, with its complexe system, is made up of mostly water, proteins, amino acids etc., and the purpose of every part of the body such as the primary purpose of the colon, which is to extract fluids and its nutrients from solid foods for distribution, then one has to conclude that nature plays a vital role on our well being, as it was intended and always will.

    So, without wanting to give you a course on the connection between the earth’s water supply, the earths foliage and tree system, and the human body (DNA-RNA), realize that there is a fine balancing act between eating naturally and your health no matter what your age and ailments are!

    Granted, in a hectic modern society it is not always feasible to stick to mother nature’s natural properties. However, and at the very least one should make every effort to give the body what it needs through other forms of natural products, such as in the case of omega-3smfor those who don’t eat fish on a regular basis, as an example, to counter act the toxins that go into your body system on a daily basis.

    In retrospect, whether you’re looking for an alternative treatment to cancer, breast cancer prostate cancer, liver cancer, colon cancer, lung cancer, and other diseases, remember that most cancers are age related. That is, the older you get the more susceptible you become to developing cancer and other diseases for numerous reasons, but more specifically because of a failing and diminishing, neglected immune system, that has constantly been abused and bombarded by free radicals (outside elements)! Your immune system must be brought back to its natural fighting capacity, by raising glutathione levels.

    The secret to alternatives is no secret at all. You must return to natures properties to keep that natural balance in your cells, which only nature (fruits, vegetables, fish) can provide, and raise at all cost your glutathione levels in the interim.

  • Special Weather Statement

    Special Statement

    10:03 AM EDT on March 17, 2016

    …Scattered showers and thunderstorms may result in hail and

    locally strong wind gusts this afternoon and early evening…

    Sunshine late this morning and early this afternoon will give way

    to scattered showers and thunderstorms…some of which could

    produce hail and localized brief wind gusts to 40 to 50 mph.

    There is a low risk of an isolated damaging wind gust or two up

    to 60 mph. The main time frame of concern is between 2 and 8 PM

    this afternoon and evening.

    Those with outdoor activities planned this afternoon and evening

    should be prepared for the potential for lightning…hail…and

    briefly strong wind gusts. Be ready to shelter indoors if


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