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At the river again!


The weather is getting nice again and once again we can spend out time by the river to unwind after a long day at work. And it’s a Friday night so it can’t get much better than that to end a week.

A very Dry Spring

20130501-181716.jpgWith a very dry spring the fire danger is up and we have been having brush fires sparked by the rail road.

Friends Versus Girlfriend

Friends Versus GirlfriendIt was late at night and Isabella called and called Trevor but he does not answer. He just texted her that he was at a friend’s. It’s been a couple of weeks since Trevor start to become busy with his friends and the fact that he never have time to text or chat Bella made her feel insecure. One night, Bella cried so she texted Trevor, “Are we fighting?” but there’s no reply “What did I do to u?” But still no reply.. So She called Him

Trevor: Oh Sorry, Babe my phone is in silent
Bella: where are you?
Trevor: I’m at a friend’s
Bella: Again?!
Trevor: Why? are you mad?
Bella: Don’t you know what it is now?
Trevor: What? what do you mean?
Bella: I’ll go there, where’s that house?
Trevor: You can’t go in here Babe!!
Bella: Why Not?!
Trevor: J–Just don’t go!

Then Trevor ended the call and turns off his Phone. Bella went to every house of Trevor’s friends she knew and all of them was out, and there’s one house Left so she think He was there. The next day, Trevor was hang over because he got drunk last night. He opened his Phone but ignored Bella’s messages from last night, He was thinking of Deleting it, then a phone call came, It was Bella’s Brother

Billy: are you Bella’s boyfriend?
Trevor: Yeah Why?
Billy: I would like you to know Bella died last night and all thanks to you!

then the call Ended, Trevor was like “What?” then he turned the TV on and the flash news was about a 16yo girl raped and killed last night. He grabbed his phone and read the messages, Crying

Bella: Babe?? What’s wrong with you??:(
Bella: Babe? Ur making me cry
Bella: Babe, don’t you remember what it is now? :(
Bella: Babe, ??
Bella: Babe? don’t you love me anymore? :(
Bella: Babe..

It was all sent exactly 11:30 then a message sent 12:45 came
Bella: babe?!! Someone is following me, I’m still farther from there come fetch me!!
Bella: Babe, they are so many! Babe. I’m scared..
Bella: Babe.. someone is following me :( (
Bella: Babe, this will be my last text, I’m alone, If I die..Babe, Happy first year Anniversary I’m so lucky I have you. I love you Babe..

Trevor cried and felt guilty, If he did not turn off his Phone he could save her, If he only came to see her, she was still alive but now it is too late..Yes, He have his Friends, but he lost the only girl who would walk in the middle of the night just to find him no matter how dangerous it was. There are so many Bella’s in the world, and so many are guys like Trevor, they must realize that Friends may be hard to find but it is harder to find someone who would love you!! Who would not just be a girlfriend or a boyfriend but a Best friend!!

This won’t float your boat, The worst getaway vehicle ever.


The two suspects in the Boston marathon bombings have been caught one is dead one taken alive. Apparently the two of them responsible for the Boston Marathon bombings were actually brothers.

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