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Happy Father’s Day!!!

Happy Father’s Day from Wolf Radio.


Knight Rider KITT and the Locomotive Train GE 2012 TV


Nintendo killing news, weather, and other built-in Wii apps on June 28th | The Verge

Nintendo Wii Stock 1020

Nintendo has announced that it will end service for several of the Wii’s built-in online apps on June 28th. The list includes the News, Weather, Everybody Votes, Mii Contest, Digital Camera Print, and Nintendo channels, as well as WiiConnect24 services such as messaging and exchanging system data. Other services, including the Wii Shop, will continue.

The apps were already unavailable in the Wii U’s backwards compatibility mode, and it’s not a big surprise to see them go; Nintendo is understandably focused on reviving the fortunes of the newer console. However, the announcement was made by Nintendo of Japan — there’s as yet no word on whether the channels will be removed elsewhere.


friends started by mechanical problem: report

The mysterious limo fire that killed a young bride and four friends on a girls’ night out in California last month was caused by a mechanical failure that may have ignited the gas tank, according to a report.

The California Highway Patrol and the San Mateo police were still investigating the May 4 fire and have not said what started it.

But sources told San Francisco’s ABC 7 the blaze that turned the 1999 Lincoln Town Car into a mobile death trap as it crossed the San Mateo Bridge began after an air spring in the rear of the vehicle ruptured, setting in motion a deadly chain of events.

The burst spring — which normally supports the weight of the car — would have caused the stretch limo to ride lower than normal, corroborating reports from witnesses who said the car’s rear bumper appeared to sag toward the road.

The owner of a garage that services limos — but not the limo from the tragedy — told the station the busted spring would have generated a lot of friction and heat in the car’s rear undercarriage.

It may have bottomed out while driving, causing a spark that eventually ignited the gas tank, the mechanic said.

MANDATORY CREDIT; MAGS OUTJANE TYSKA/APSources told local ABC 7 News that a ruptured air spring in the rear of the vehicle may have set in motion a deadly chain of events. 

“The car would be jumping like a horse,” Yusef Mustafa, who owns Royal Auto Repair, told ABC 7.

“If there’s a load in it, it would be bottoming at the ground, which is I think what happened. It bottomed on the ground and unfortunately, the gas tank is right there.”

“It might have hit the gas tank, and then you see, when it hits the ground, it will create a spark. There’s a spark here, and there’s fuel going down. So it catches fire,” he said.

According to earlier police accounts, the limo was holding one extra passenger; it was licensed to carry eight, but nine women were inside.

Driver Orville Brown said the car was fully engulfed in flames less than two minutes after the women began shouting about smoke and he pulled over.

Neriza FojasNeriza Fojas — who died in the fire — was having a girls’ night out with eight friends ahead of her wedding in the Philippines.

Four of the women escaped by climbing through the partition and out the front doors.

Among those killed was Neriza Fojas, 31, the bride and guest of honor.

Fojas married her husband in a civil service last year but was planning a celebration in her native Philippines in June.

Authorities said the limo picked the women up in Oakland and was heading to a Crowne Plaza Hotel in San Mateo when the fire broke out.

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Read more: http://www.nydailynews.com/news/national/deadly-limo-fire-caused-mechanical-problem-article-1.1364974#ixzz314aMPOps

Photo shot by a passerby shows a limo that burst into flames, killing five women on the San Mateo Bridge bridge. 

Photo shot by a passerby shows a limo that burst into flames, killing five women on the San Mateo Bridge bridge. Read more: http://www.nydailynews.com/news/national/deadly-limo-fire-caused-mechanical-problem-article-1.1364974#ixzz314aFASrC

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