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Additional Carriers to Offer Google Voice Integration


Google Confirms They’re In Talks, But Isn’t Naming Names
by Karl Bode Monday 26-Mar-2012 tags: business · wireless · hardware · alternatives · wireless
Hoping to do something a little more progressive than their two largest disruption-fearing competitors, in 2009 Sprint started offering closer integration with Google Voice, allowing users to turn their handset number into a Google Voice number. In contrast, companies that felt threatened by the idea of losing key handset functionality like voicemail control to a competitor (AT&T at one point tried to argue Google Voice was mean to nuns) have been a little more standoffish. Now Sprint’s role as the only carrier to offer such tight integration is coming to an and, with Google claiming they’re in talks with several unnamed carriers. While no carriers are named it seems fairly likely that Verizon is among the carriers Google is talking to, since they’ve already become BFFs after collectively working to prevent wireless neutrality rules.


   He’s doing so much better!
We posted this picture a couple months ago – of John Unger, calming his arthritic dog Schoep to sleep in Lake Superior. After the picture went viral, John received so much support – from animal 

lovers as far away as Saudi Arabia – that he was able to afford to give Schoep the treatment he needed. Schoep is feeling much better now, thanks to medication and laser treatments for his arthritis. His quality of life has improved greatly & he’ll be with John for a little while longer. To make things even BETTER: John received so many donations that he’s started the Schoep Legacy Foundation – to assist low-income families with aging pets. 
Way to pay it forward!You can also comment & share from Tesh.com:

That’s what a new study says!
You’d think the exact opposite would be true – but new research found that the divorce rate was much higher – 50% higher! – among ‘modern’ couples who do an equa
l amount of housework. But it’s not really about housework – it’s about the dynamic of the couple…
The researchers say, the reason the divorce rate is higher is because in couples who share the housework, the wife is typically working outside the home. She has her own career & her own money. She’s not as dependent on her husband, so they’re more likely to think of divorce as an option. 
In couples where the wife does the lion’s share of the chores, the woman is typically a housewife, who relies on her husband for support. So even if things aren’t working, she’s less likely to leave because she doesn’t have money of her own, and may struggle to get by. 
Do you believe this new study is right?

We’re just a spec in the vast universe! This is the deepest picture ever taken into space. NASA unveiled this image which offers the “deepest ever view of the universe.” Dubbed Extreme Deep Field, or XDF for short, 

the image combines 10 years of photographs taken by the Hubble Space Telescope and depicts around 5,500 galaxies, some of them too faint and distant to be previously seen. 
It’s mind boggling to think about considering most of us only travel in a 20-mile radius of our homes. There’s a lot of stuff out there…. (cue the Star Trek theme…)

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