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Daddy Diaries: Using Technology For Holiday Shopping

I really do have the best wife on the planet, but that’s not what this post is about. She has this incredible ability to get the perfect gift for any occasion – whether it’s for the kids, our friends, or anyone else! Of course, that leaves me with the tough task of getting those great gifts for her, too.

I’m a guy, so I hate shopping. I think that’s part of most men’s DNA. Last year, I decided to shop both in stores and online. But I never really found what I was looking for, so, I settled for what I thought would be okay. Let’s just say they weren’t my best choices. So, I’ve vowed this year, that’s all going to change.

I solemnly swear that every gift I buy for my wife – whether from myself or from my kids – will be bought through the miracle of online commerce. I’ve been gathering ideas all year and putting them in my Evernote app, so I’m fully prepared when it’s time to log on and melt the credit card online. I found gifts large and small, romantic and funny, expensive and ridiculous. I found cards, gift bags (because men don’t wrap gifts, we just stuff them into a bag and put tissue paper around them), and just about everything else I need to make my wife think I spent hours running around to find the perfect gifts for her. Unless, of course, she reads this blog…

I’ve already bought some things, consciously avoiding Cyber Monday, or any other manufactured date to spend money online. My price alerts have been set, and I’ve even signed up for e-mail notifications to fill my inbox and remind me to buy the things on my list. And most importantly, I won’t be in some crowded store on December 23rd or 24th, like I have many times throughout my adult life.

Yeah baby, I’m going to harness technology and let it work for me, so I don’t have to run around like a crazy man looking for the perfect Christmas gift. Let’s just hope everything I want is in stock. Read more [+]

Woman Snuggles Up to Make a Living (Inside Edition)

A man and woman cuddling together would look like any ordinary couple sleeping peacefully in bed.

But, one woman is actually a professional snuggler. Jackie Samuel charges $60 an hour. In return, complete strangers can snuggle up next to her in bed. Even women enjoy cuddling with Samuel.

“People definitely tell me that they feel calmer and more connected afterwards,” Samuel told INSIDE EDITION.

The 29-year-old has started a company, The Snuggery, with the slogan, “Take a break. Have a snuggle.”

Her clients range in age from 18 to 83.

Read more [+]

Are Paper Greeting Cards Going Out Of Style?

Are you planning to buy and mail actual paper holiday cards this year? If so, you’re part of a quickly-shrinking minority. 

Cards used to be required for thank you’s, birthdays, holidays, anniversaries, and other special occasions. But these days, people are more likely to send a text or an e-card, or post their season’s greetings on your Facebook wall. In fact, they seem to be saving physical cards only for extra-special events – say, taped to a wedding gift, or carried to a birthday party they actually attend. And the statistics prove it. 

Over the past decade, the number of greeting cards sold has dropped 17%. But even when people do buy cards, their shopping habits have changed. Instead of searching the aisles for the perfect greeting card. People are more likely to customize cards online, while uploading their own images and words. And high-end paper stores are helping customers design their own cards with software that used to be only available to professional graphic designers.

A lot of people are also using websites where you can customize and personalize a card for any occasion. And then they’ll print it out, slap a stamp on it, and send it out, like Notes by Mail. 

Even Judith Martin, who’s also known as advice columnist “Miss Manners,” is okay with the change. She says the only situations that still require something handwritten are thank-you notes for a gift, or a job interview. And of course, nothing beats a card on Valentine’s day.  Read more [+]

Not Sure If He’s “The One?” Ask!

Ladies, if you’d like a surefire way to tell when you’ve found “The One” – we’ve got it: See whether he’s gotten a thumbs-up from your friends and family! Why? Because if the people who care most about you – and know you the best – feel you’re good together, odds are, you’ve found a good match.

Dr. Benjamin Lee writes for the Science Of Love website. And he says, people are usually overly optimistic about their relationships. Because, when it comes to our own love lives, we can have blinders on. We may overlook the bad things trying to make a relationship work – because we’re trying to protect our own self-esteem. No one wants to think they’re not a good judge of character – so we think our relationships are better than they actually are.

Basically – love is blind but your friends aren’t. And even though your friends and family might not see everything that goes on in your relationship, they probably know the important stuff – and more importantly can see how you two behave when you’re together. Your friends aren’t under any psychological pressure to fool themselves about your relationship. So, if you really want a solid perspective on your relationship – ask your friends what they think.

If your friends like him, odds are it’s a good match. In a study, a woman’s friends could predict the fate of a couple’s relationship better than the couple themselves. So, go ahead and listen to your friends’ advice. Read more [+]

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