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It was a cold November night in Times Square when Officer Lawrence DePrimo came across a barefoot homeless man. Officer DePrimo disappeared for a moment, then returned with a new pair of boots, and knelt to help the man put them on.

The act of kindness would have gone unnoticed, if not for a tourist from Arizona who snapped the picture and posted it on the NYPD’s Facebook page.
Officer DePrimo is only 25 – and has only been on the force for 2 years. He had no idea the picture was taken or that it’s been viewed by thousands of people. 
Later, when he was interviewed about the encounter, he said, “It was freezing out and you could see the blisters on the man’s feet. I had two pairs of socks and I was still cold.” They started talking; he found out the man’s shoe size: 12. 
DePrimo never got the man’s name, and as soon as the boots were on him, he went on his way. Read more [+]

The end of the world (12/21/12) has been cancelled….!?

 The earliest known Mayan calendar has been found in an ancient house in Guatemala and it offers no hint that the world’s end is imminent, researchers said Thursday.

Rather, the painted room in the residential complex at Xultun was likely the place where the town scribe kept records, scrawling computations on the walls in an effort to find “harmony between sky events and sacred rituals,” said the study in the journal Science.

The hieroglyphs date back to the ninth century, making them hundreds of years older than the calendars in the Maya Codices, which were recorded in bark-paper books from 1300 to 1521. 

Some appear to be the 365-day solar calendar, the 584-day cycle of the planet Venus and the 780-day cycle of Mars, said archaeologist William Saturno of Boston University, who led the exploration and excavation.

According to Saturno, the writing looks like someone’s attempt to sort out a very long math problem, as if on a blackboard.

“For the first time we get to see what may be actual records kept by a scribe, whose job was to be official record keeper of a Maya community,” Saturno said.

“The ancient Maya predicted the world would continue, that 7,000 years from now, things would be exactly like this,” he added.

“We keep looking for endings. The Maya were looking for a guarantee that nothing would change. It’s an entirely different mindset.”

Furthermore, there is no sign that the much-hyped myth that the Mayan calendar would end in 2012, and with it the world, has any bearing in reality.

All that ended in 2012 was one of its calendar cycles, said co-author Anthony Aveni, professor of astronomy and anthropology at Colgate University. Read more [+]

How To Survive A Natural Disaster

Superstorm Sandy was a sobering wakeup call to make sure we’re all prepared to survive a natural disaster. Because no matter where you live, there’s a risk for disaster.

In the past decade, all 50 states were hit by federally declared disasters, including storms, floods, tornadoes, fires, and earthquakes. But surveys show that fewer than 10% of us have made even the most basic disaster-preparations. So, here are the 3 things you need to do:

  • Create an Emergency Kit. You can buy one from the Red Cross, but it’s easy to assemble your own. You basically need a 2-week supply of nonperishable food and water, for your family and your pets. You also need a 30-day supply of meds, and a first-aid kit. Plus, flashlights and batteries, copies of your medical information, a cellphone with a charger, and a battery-powered radio. You can find a complete list of necessary supplies at emergency.cdc.gov.. Read more [+]

The Breakup – Heart Touching Story

  Boy: Baby, we need to talk.
Girl: Ricardo, what do u mean?
Boy: Something has come up…
Girl: What? What’s wrong? Is it bad?
Boy: I don’t want to hurt you, baby.
Girl: *Thinks* Oh my God, I hope he doesnt break up with me… I love him so much.
Boy: Baby, are you there??
Girl: Yeah, I’m here. What is so important??
Boy: I’m not sure if I should say it..
Girl: Well, you already brought it up, so please just tell me.
Boy: I’m leaving…
Girl: Baby, what are u talking about?? I don’t want you to leave me, I love you.
Boy: Not like that, I mean I’m moving far away.
Girl: Why? All of your famliy lives over here.
Boy: Well, my father is sending me away to a boarding school far away.
Girl: I can’t believe this.
[FATHER: (Picks up the other phone,  interrupts & yells furiously ERICA!, what did I tell you about talking
to boys?!!!... Get off thedamn phone!! (And hangs up).]
Boy: Wow, your father sounds really mad.
Girl: You know how he gets, butanyways, I dont want you to go.
Boy: Would you run away with me?
Girl: Baby, you know I would, I would do anything for you, but I  can’t… You don’t know what would happen if I did. My dad would kill me!
Boy: *Sad* It’s okay.. I understand, I guess..
Girl: *Thinking*I can’t believe what’s going on.
Boy: I need to give you something tonite, because I am leaving on flight 1-80 in the morning, so I need to see you now.
Girl: Okay, I will sneak out & meet you at the park.
Boy: Okay, I’ll meet you there in 20 minutes.
[They meet at a nearby park, they both hug eachother. And he gives her a note.]
Boy: Here you go, this is for you. I gotta go.
Girl: *Tear* (Begins to cry.)
Boy: Baby, dont cry, you know I love you… But I have to go.
Girl: Okay (Begins to walk away.)
[They both go back home. And Erica begins to read the letter he gave her] Read more [+]

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