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Heidi (Page 4)

Now Being Today 2-28-2004 I am 22 and we Don?t have the ferrets anymore and my cat Thomas is about 14 . We do have a new cat Zeek he also came to us from the wild just like Thomas did. We went on vacation one week and came back and there he was a new cat. Well Thomas and Zeek get along well, But there are only pets now after all the ones we had over the years. We where known as the ferret people at the campgrounds we wet to. Heidi came with us once when she was a pup but she only wanted to get away to look around and she liked to bark. So we never took her again till she was older, well it was the summer before she died. At was at the Sturbaidge campground. And we lost the ferret Bandit in Maine and he was buried there. Ferrets live about 6 to 8 years.


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Thomas Story. 4-23-2007

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