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Spring 2011


76th Campout

Mike Santos

Where= Outdoor World
19 Mashapaug Rd
Sturbridge, MA

When= June 10, 11, 12   (2011)

Price=: $76.00 for the weekend Firewood, Donut, Coffee Donation to wagon master: $5.00


Fri Night- check in, Bring your Favorite Dessert to share around the campfire. (Can not bring in outside wood to burn.) 

Check in time: between 2 and 8 p.m. (if later let us know)

Sat. - Early morning coffee Provided  6pm – Pot luck supper – Bring your favorite entrée. 

The Campout Was Going to Be Held at Quinebaug Cove Campground 49 East Brimfield – Holland RoadBrimfield, MA   (413) 245-9525 Before being hit by an f3 Tornado on June 1st, 2011

Sun - Coffee and Doughnuts served. Check out: time 11a.m.

Reservations need to be made by February 1st

Other Information

New camper attended Amanda Regnier (Amanda Bidwell David Bidwell’s Wife)

David and I spent the first friday  night in a tent but with the rain we left early after the pot luck supper on Saturday

Flyer 1     Flyer 2  Revised Flyer

The 76th campout had started out at Quinebaug Cove in Brimfield, MA However, we had a tornado that went through the Brimfield area that had flattened the campground and the surrounding area. There was nothing left of the campground. We sent our sympathy and rescheduled to Outdoor World in Sturbridge, MA Those who where in attendance were: Barb and Bob Bidwell, David and Amanda Bidwell, Jeff and Adele Burton along  with Shelly, Lenny and Gia Nash. We had newcomers, Charlie and Regina Babola along with the wagon-master, Mike Santos With Marie, Lauren and friend Shay.


We all arrived on Friday and shared stories of the day the tornado touched down in the Pioneer Valley area. We had our first nightly fire with sweet assortments. Gia and Jeff where fishing and caught three pickerel. Eventually Gia tired and asked to go to bed and told us Jeff should stop fishing!!


Saturday morning we woke with a coffee social and discussed the days’ activities we where going to attend in the area. Some went to Wal*Mart Yankee shopping, Subway and others went to the Yankee Liquor store to attend the beer tasting that never was…at least there was fresh popcorn. We returned from our shopping adventures and went for a walk around the campground, Until the mosquitoes found our blood! Others went to get ready for the pot luck dinner. Dick and Marilyn Ruff arrived as well as Dolly and Dave Wrona for the evening festivities.  We had an enjoyable assortment of food and took turns chasing Gia around the tables. Later, we returned to the blazing fire. It was an awesome fire until Mother Nature showered rain on us all and we huddled under the single camper tarp, watching the blaze from a distance. That was cozy until Mother Nature pored water on our feet and Barbara ran for the camper step and Marilyn the picnec tabletop. That ended the evening with all leaving for their cozy warm beds. David and Amanda also left to head home for the rest of the weekend. They came with just a tent.


On Sunday morning we met for coffee, donuts, muffins and fruit. We talked about the rain and socialized the morning away. As we said our goodbyes until fall, We took out turns to empty the weekend away…




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