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Spring 2008

Fall 2007 Kilowatt Kampout 69th Campout
Photo Taken The Morning of October 14th, 2007


70th Campout

Leonard Nash

Image from Fall Campout 2007

Where= Salisbury Beach State Campground
Salisbury, MA

When= June 6-8, 2008

Price= Cost $49.25 for reservation   Additional $10 for food and beverages per reservation if not in by Dec. 1st, call for your own reservations @ 1-877-422-6762 and ask to be close to the group campsites. The longer you wait, you may not get a site.


Fri. - Check-in, set-up, catch up on all your winter activities. Bring your favorite appetizer and drinks
Sat. - Hang out at the beach, camp or visit the area. Saturday Night – Bring one of your favorite dishes to our traditional pot-luck supper. 
Sun - Enjoy a home cooked breakfast consisting : Eggs, pancakes and sausages

Please send total : $59.25 to Leonard Nash E-mail   

for address by December 1st, 2007

(campground needs total payment 6 months in advance)

Other Information

The Weather on friday was far from what the News told us it would be. We Had rain on and off through out the day. It was Also Cool. We where told by the news Friday was going to be hot and dry in the mid 70 to low 80’s. Saturday started out on the cool side but by 10:30  in the morning it got worm fast. in the mid to upper 70’s. and Sunday was HOTby 9:30 am it was in the mid 80’s and on our way hom it hit 94 by 10:30

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