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Spring 2007


68th Campout

Robert Bidwell

Where=  Prospect Mountain Campground
  Granville, MA

When= June 22-24, 2007

Price= $80  (Weekend)

Please Submit $5.00 Per Camper to (Bob + Barbara BIdwell Then Make Your Own Reservations by June 2, 2007)


Fri. - Set Up, 
Fri Night: Bring your own Goodies To Share. Coffee & Hot Chocolate Provided.
Sat. - 5:30 - 7:00 pm  (1730 -1900) "Traditional Pot-Luck Supper" 
Sun -  0730-0930 - Breakfast will be served @ the Bidwell's - French Toast + Sausage. 
Say Goodbye 'Til Fall... 
Deadline: For Reservations & Payment Is June 2nd


The Weather Was Great Saturday and Sunday Friday Afternoon we Had Rain On and Off But We Still Got The Evening Fire In On Friday.



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