Fall 2001

57th Campout

Bidwell’s, Robert & Barbara

Where= Camperama
Townshend, VT

When= October 12-14, 2001

Price= $52 (Weekend)


Fri. – Wine & Cheese Party- Lets Enjoy The Cool Vermont nights with a glass of wine and bring your favorite cheese.

Sat. – Visit with friends and enjoy the park
Sat night-Our great pot-luck at 6:00pm (1800)
Sun – Coffee, Pastries- See you in the Spring.  

Other Information

Camperama Campground
Townshend, Vermont
Our 57th Kilowatt Kampout was hosted by Bob & Barbara
Bidwell at Camperama in Townshend, VT. Campers staled arriving
mid to late afternoon, and we all set up camp along the West River,
which runs beside the campground. Friday night we met at the
wagon masters for a tast of different wines and cheeses. coffee and
goodies were also enjoyed as we sat by the bond fire, sharing past Campout   
     Saturday was a bright and sunny day, and most families spent

some of the day at the craft fair, one or two mites up the road. Others
went for bike rides and walked around the park enjoying the beautiful
weather and scenery The pot luck was held in the pavillion, due to
the cool Oct. nights this time of year.
     We were all glad and surprised to see the arrival of Brian Scott

and his family, on Sat. along with their two week old baby girl, Sarah
Ann! I’m sure she became the youngest kilowatt kamperCongratulations!
Glad you all made it!
     Other Kampers in attendance were: Jeff & Adele Budon, Gerry

Molongoski & family, Lenny & Shelley Nash, Mike & Marie Santos &
family, Rick & Gail Leblanc, George & Joanne Lamson, AI Maserve &
family, Dave & Dolly Wronga & boys, Walter & Sandra Sacharcyzk
Roger & Joyce Denault & Gloria Oberheim and the Bidwells. & Ken & Den : se Sacharceyk
and girls. .



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