Fall 1999

53rd Campout

Santos, Mike & Marie

Where= Odetah Campground
Bozrah, CT

When= September 10-12, 1999

Price= $62 (Weekend)


Fri. – Coffee and bring a dessert to share.

Sat. – Pot-Luck Supper is at 6:00pm. (1800)

Sun – Wake up to coffee and a Continental breakfast with the wagon masters. breakfast served from 07:30 – 10:00. Check out time is 3:30pm (1500)

Other Information

Odetah Campground
Bozrah, Ct Sept 10-12, 1999
The kampout was hosted by Mike and Marie Santos at Odetah campground in
Bozrah CT.
    Once the wagon master Mike Santos, was towed into the campground and pushed into a
spot the laughter began. It was raining as the rest set up and we enjoyed the reunion with
8 families. We gathered under the pavilion and shared dessert and coffee.
   Saturday morning was sunny , followed by afternoon activities of boating, biking (ER

visit), auto repair 101, and pumpkin carving. We were then joined by 3 more families.
Each campsite did a pumpkin which we lit up at the potluck dinner. A11 entrees were
satisfying as we were anticipating the first prize winner of the carving contest. Greg
Romboletti did the judging and Amy Nash along with her friend won passes to the movies
for their cat carving. We enjoyed the glow of the carvings as we sat by the Fire Oh what
a fire it was, we missed you Art! The kids played hide and go seek.
     Sunday was another sunny day as we gathered for donuts, bagels, watermelon and coffee.

And they all went! We sure worked up an appetite. We said our farewells till the Spring
and look forward to our new wagon masters, Don and Karen Bellemare.
    Al1 who attended were: Bob Midalia Robert, Tanya Ryan with friends; Lenny Shelly

Amy, Danny Nash with friends; Walter , Sandra Sacharczyk; Bob, Barbara, David, Pam
Bidwell; Dave, Dolly, Tim, Steve Wrona; Don, Karen , Matthew , Robert Bellemare ;
Fred, Gail, Mary, Matthew Shawyer; Greg, Deb Romboletti; Cindy, Ray Janke;
Dorothy, Brian, Matthew Scott; Marie, Mike, Lauren, Katelyn Santos







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