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Spring 1996

46th Campout

Faford, Don & Jean

Where= Ross Hill Park  Campground
               Lisbon, CT

When= June 7-9, 1996

Price= $52 (Weekend)Family of 3 $48 Family of 2


Fri. – Check in After 3:00pm (1500) Set up then enjoy an after dinner “coffee and Social” anound the campfire. Bring a Snack to Share. BYOB.
Sat. – Enjoy Your Day. Pot-Luck supper around 6:00pm (1800) Coffee and Campfire To Follow.
Sun – 8:00am (0800) Breakfast, followed by the ceremonial passing of the coffee pot. Farewell ’til fall. check-out by 2:00pm.

Other Information

Ross Hill Park Campground!
Lisbon, CT
June 7-9,1996
We Had a good time with the other campers, including;
Dave Wrona’s Family  Site 164
Mike Santos’ Family  Site 163
Don Faford’s Family  Site 165
Although There Was a Light Turnout the weather was better than expected. We all agreed it was a good campground and should be added to the list of possible future outings.
I Will be the wagon master again for the fall or ’96
                                                                  Don Faford,
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