Fall 1995

45th Campout

Russo, Chuck & Joanne

Where=  Witch Meadow Lake  Campground

Salem, CT

When= September 8-10, 1995

Price= $46 (Weekend)


Fri. – Check in After 3:00pm (1500) Set up and enjoy the BYOB party at the campfire. Bring a snack and/ Or a Treat to share. “Coffee Bar” also.

Sat. – Enjoy your day. Country fairs this weekend in neraby Hebron, Ledyard, and Brooklyn. Pot-Luck Supper around 6:00pm (1800) followed by coffee and the campfire.
Sun – Continental breakfast around 8:00am (0800)., followed by the ceremonial passing of the coffee pot. Farewell ’til spring. Check-out by 2:30pm (1430)





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