Fall 1982

20th Campout

McAllister, Scheer, Peplau 

14 Families 6 Small Children

Where= White Pines Campground 

Fitchville, CT
When= September 16-18, 1983
Price= $10 (By September 17, 1982 Remaining to be paid at Campground) $10 Per Night


Fri. – Wing Tasting and snacks. Bring your favorite wine and cheese along

Sat. – Reverton is nearby, the Hitchcock Chair Factory, and a few shops for those who would like to brouse.

Saturday 6p.m.. (1800) Pot-Luck Supper!
Trick or Treat following the Pot Luck Supper. Let’s Dress Down Everybody! (Adults and Children)
Sun – Church Will Be posted on the camp stor bulletin. Some may want to just relax and visit. Hope The Weather Holds Out and we all have a good time!

More Information

White Pines Campground,
Winstead, CT
October 8-11, 1982
Our Fall Campout was held at White Pines Campground On Oct. 8,9,10,11
1982. On Friday afternoon Charlie Scheer and Frank McAllister went up to the
camp to set up for the weekend. They decorated their campsites with cornstalks,
bittersweet, pumpkins, etc. for a real Fall
look, and a welcome to
the Kilowatt members. Friday cite we all enjoyed a wine tasting with cheese
and crackers, and ignored the pouring rain.
It rained hard all night, thunder
and lightning. We woke up to a drizzly rain throughout Sat. morning with
clearing in the afternoon. Several members went sightseeing in the afternoon.
Some went to Hitchcock Furniture and others went to the Holiday
Crafts and the Toy Store.
At 4;30 the Wagonmasters went up to decorate the Game Room for our
Pot-lick supper. We hung Halloween decorations up with bright tableclothes,
complete with pumpkins, bittersweet, cornstalks, and streamers. At 6;00 we
enjoyed a most delicious and varied pot luck supper, after which George Peplau
welcomed everyone and asked for volunteers for Our Spring Campout. We then
raffled off the gifts that George Potter contributed.
At 8:00 p.m. most members came back dressed in costumes, which everyone
enjoyed. We took many pictures, and gave out prizes and Trick & Treat Bags
to all.
On Sunday, being a beautiful cool sunny day some of us went to the
Riverton Fair and others Just walked around the campground and built a fire.
Returning to the campsite we found that someone was busy doing exterior
decorating on the Scheer & Peplau Trailers. A few left for home Sunday
afternoon. Monday morning saw another beautiful bright sunny day. A real good
time was had by all.
Winners of 1 day. Free Camping at White Pines :
Dorothy. & ‘Fred Remp
Dianne & Bob Golden
Jolm & Becky Bryant & Li11 & Bi11 Bryant
Frank & Barbara McAllister
George & Marge Peplau
Charlie & Ella Scheer


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