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Spring 1981

17th Campout

Dick Ruff

Where= Charlie Brown

Phoenixville, Ct
When= May 29-31, 1981
Price= $16 (weekend) $10.00 (Deposit)


Fri. – Set-Up Coffee and Pastry Get Acquainted by the campfire.
Sat. – Fun and games- Good Fishing

Sat Eve. – Pot-Luck Supper. 5:30p.m. (1730)
Please Bring Large Portions That Can Be Shared With Everyone.and Dessert to include Friday Night.
At 8:30p.m. (2030) Wine Tasting Party, Cheese and Crackers. (Please Bring Your Favorite Wine, Cheese , Crackers.)
Sun – Leisure Time, Break Camp, Check Out Time 2:00p.m. (1400)

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