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Spring 1976

                                                                                                              -w.mass. – HeLCo- cL+P-
7th Campout
                                                                                                                 Bodurtha, Oberheim
Where= Shady Pines,

Savoy, MA
When= June 11-13, 1976
Price= $10.00 (Weekend)
                                                                                                        Hi Kilowatt Kampers!
Our Spring 1976 Kilowatt Kampers Safari Will be held at Shady Pines Campground, Savoy, Massachusetts starting Friday, June 11th and ending, Sunday, June 13th. Cost $5.00  per night, $10 for the weekend. Reservations must be made bu june 1st.
We are asking $6.00 registration. This will cover the fires night. @$5.00, and the other$1.00 will be used for coffee, prizes, ect.

Please bring dessert for friday night for a get together around the campfire. The “left-overs” will be used for the pot-luck supper, which will be held at 6:00pm ((1800) On Saturday.
Remember  our Kilowatt Kampers Patch Contest. You may send them to me our bring them with you that weekend. This is open to adults and children
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