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the DnA Show November 14, 2015

How Facebook Decides What You See in Your News Feed


Ever wonder why some items appear high in your Facebook news feed and others don’t? It’s because Facebook is trying to show you the things it thinks you most want to see. But the actual process behind that is far more complicated, and at the Techonomy conference earlier this week, Facebook Director of Product Adam Mosseri, who is in charge of the news feed, gave the clearest explanation of how it works that I’ve heard.

Mosseri said the company uses a blend of automated ranking and manual curation by individual users to determine the feed. At the heart of this is a ranking algorithm that looks at all the content it could show, and determines what to show based on the things you like. He said the company is interested in trying to figure out what people are really interested in seeing at that moment, and uses techniques that are continuously learning and trying to figure out the relevance of each potential piece of content.

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Brilliant Trick To Save Up To 65% or More on Electric Costs in Massachusetts

There is a new policy in 2015 your current energy provider doesn’t want you to know. If you Solar Homecurrently own a house and live in Massachusetts the government is giving thousands to each qualified consumer to help cover the cost of installing solar panels and consumers are reducing their energy costs by as much as 65% or more! New subsidies and rebates cover 50% of costs associated with installation! With $0 down financing and lease options, qualified homeowners could be on their way to significantly reducing their electric bill in a matter of weeks.

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Forget The iPhone 7. Next Apple Sensation Revealed

Forget The iPhone 6. Next Apple Sensation Revealed

Apple’s latest blockbuster is NOT the gadget Steve Jobs imagined… Watch the video below to hear the full story.


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