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Amanda Thrown in the pool.


Saturday July, 25, 2015 10:05am
While Amanda was walking to the showers at Outdoor World Moody Beach, ME. I snuck in the back gate and waited for her to walk by. It Was a Very Cool Morning out only 61°. The Reason She had on a hoody on…..

Amanda thrown in the pool at outdoor world Moody Beach Maine Saturday July 25, 2015
It was a cool day and we where going to use the showers in the morning. It was only 61° this morning one of the reasons Amanda had a hoody on.

I Thought This Was Just Snow Covering A Field. But Then I Saw What It Was And OMG!


Imagine waking up to a beautiful snow blanketed field outside of your picturesque farm. But wait… it’s still summer so obviously that couldn’t be snow. You walk outside your front door to take a closer look and immediately your skeleton jumps out of your skin from the most disturbing sight you’ve ever seen! Spiders! Millions and millions of creepy crawly spiders! That’s exactly what happened in a small town in Australia called Wagga Wagga. Recent floods have covered miles and miles of once lush green land with feet of muddy water. This caused the evacuation of over 13,000 people. Well, naturally spiders aren’t the biggest fans of detrimental water levels either so they took to the hills. Millions of spiders had to migrate to higher ground to escape the flooding. This caused an extreme population of the evil little creatures to congregate in one small area. Take a look at these horrifying images that are causing nightmares around the world. This is why you want to stay far away from Australia. Check out these unbelievable photos: Read more [+]

Body found in Look Park; believed to be missing man from Easthampton

FLORENCE, Mass. (WWLP) – Following a days-long search that involved helicopters, boats, and ATVs, police have found a body of a man who they believe to be Reed Bennett of Easthampton.

Mary Carey of the Northwestern District Attorney’s Office told 22News that the body of a white man was found this afternoon in a pond inside the entrance to Look Park.

“Although positive identification and cause of death have yet to be determined by the Office of the Chief Medical Examiner, investigators believe the body to be that of Reed Bennett, 34, of Easthampton,” Carey said in a statement sent to 22News.

Northampton Police Detective Lt. Alan Borowski told 22News that city police, state police, and environmental police had been searching the area for Bennett, who disappeared late Monday night in the area of Look Park.

Reed Bennett. Image Courtesy: Northwestern District Attorney’s Office
Reed Bennett. Image Courtesy: Northwestern District Attorney’s Office
As of about noontime Friday, there was an increased police presence near guard shack at the park, and people were not being allowed inside while officers work. Police tape has been put up at the park entrances, and a forensic investigations truck has also been called in.

Carey said that they had been concerned about Bennett, because he was not dressed appropriately for the weather conditions. Though police are still looking into the circumstances surrounding Bennett’s disappearance, Carey said that they do not believe there is any cause for concern about public safety as a result of this incident.

Body Found in Amherst Believed to be Missing Woman

By Ryan Trowbridge – email
September 9th, 2014

AMHERST, Mass. (WGGB) — Authorities believe they have found the body of a woman who was reported missing late last week.

Mary Carey, spokesperson for the Northwestern District Attorney’s office, says that the body of a white female whom she says is “believed to be that of Marissa Jackson, 26, of Amherst” was found in a wooded area near the intersection of University Drive and Amity Street in Amherst.

Jackson was reported missing on Friday after she was last seen walking near her Belchertown Road apartment around 10:30 p.m. on Friday.

There has been a large police presence, by members of the UMass and Amherst Police Departments, in the area since late Tuesday morning.

No other information is immediately available. The cause of death will be determined by the Office of the Chief Medical Examiner.

Carey says that the death remains under investigation by UMass Police, Amherst Police, and State Police troopers assigned to the Northwestern D.A.’s office.

ABC40 has a crew at the scene and will have more information as it becomes available.


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