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Blizzard coordination message

Hello to all..

..Major Winter Storm/Blizzard with the potential for a Historic Storm for all of Southern New England Monday Evening through late Tuesday Night, possibly extending into Wednesday Morning. Preparations for this major system should be completed by late Monday Afternoon/early evening at the latest and given latest model trends if it could be completed before the evening commute, that would be the best scenario with an earlier start of accumulating snow..
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BlackBerry’s surviving, but not as a smartphone company

blogger-avatarby Daniel Cooper | @danielwcooper | December 19th 2014 at 7:48 am


It’s been almost a year since John Chen was appointed to save Blackberry and it’s clear that his grand plan has, at least, stopped the company losing money hand over fist. In the Canadian outfit’s latest three month report, it reveals that losses have been trimmed from$4.4 billion last year to a much more manageable $148 million. Of course, it’s clear that as the business reinvents itself as a software-and-services company, manufacturing smartphones has increasingly become a side project.

At this point last year, the company had shipped 4.3 million smartphones, although the bulk of those were older BlackBerry 7 devices. This time around, less than half that figure — 1.9 million devices — found their way into the hands of consumers, with sales dwindling even in former strongholds like the Middle East and Asia Pacific. We’re still waiting to see what impact, if any, new and “unconventional” devices like the Passport and Classic will have on fortunes, so there could be good news coming in the future on that front. Read more [+]

I Thought This Was Just Snow Covering A Field. But Then I Saw What It Was And OMG!


Imagine waking up to a beautiful snow blanketed field outside of your picturesque farm. But wait… it’s still summer so obviously that couldn’t be snow. You walk outside your front door to take a closer look and immediately your skeleton jumps out of your skin from the most disturbing sight you’ve ever seen! Spiders! Millions and millions of creepy crawly spiders! That’s exactly what happened in a small town in Australia called Wagga Wagga. Recent floods have covered miles and miles of once lush green land with feet of muddy water. This caused the evacuation of over 13,000 people. Well, naturally spiders aren’t the biggest fans of detrimental water levels either so they took to the hills. Millions of spiders had to migrate to higher ground to escape the flooding. This caused an extreme population of the evil little creatures to congregate in one small area. Take a look at these horrifying images that are causing nightmares around the world. This is why you want to stay far away from Australia. Check out these unbelievable photos: Read more [+]

Last Consecutive date in your lifetime!


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