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Tonight I return to work its hard to get back in to the swing of things after a short vacation.

So today we return home to Montgomery. We have to return to work on Monday. Although next weekend starting in June 8th we will be leaving for the Kilowatt Kampers weekend. We well get a late start seeing Amanda will not be getting out of work until 6pm. Then it’s a long drive to the campout in Sandwich, MA. I still can’t understand why anyone would name there town after a food. But anyway. Let’s hope we will have good weather. It would not be to good to be tenting in a washout.
The Kilowatt Kampers Website Well be updated after the weekend with new photos and information on the campout. Also our wedding website should be ready an updated as soon as I get time to upload all the new photos and information from the wedding.

Today is our first Full day as a married couple. We will be spending the day in Somers Connecticut. Just relaxing and taking a breath after a busy last few days.

The Wedding Day (Amanda and Dave’s Wedding Part 2)

So It’s Here and everyone is busy. It is a fun day but it is flying by. Today 2pm the wedding and tonight 5pm the reception. I was just thinging how the trucks will be going down the street during that time wnen we have to come back to the sutdio for pictures. Well tune in to Wolf Radio Toning 5pm for the live broadcast Mike will be the Host today on the station and Lite at Night will be pushed to 10pm. Take care everyone time to get ready.

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