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Christmas Vacation 9 Cousin Eddie Quotes You Can’s Stop Using.


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Happy Thanksgiving


Here’s your zombie apocalypse (the Walking Dead)

Zombie (the Walking Dead)


Double-Damage-shutterstock_208656070--998x1024Conscious flashbacks cause damage.  Unconscious flashbacks cause double damage.

My client John had certainly overreacted to a little thing of a car backfiring, taking his hands off the steering wheel and covering his face.

When he finally gets to my office he hesitates and his eyes move up so he’s staring at the corner of the ceiling as he grumbles, “ I need to be hospitalized.” I was shocked. If I had been given a multiple choice test, hospitalization would have been the one answer I knew I could cross out. There are clients that you worry about, clients who are really depressed and have suicidal thoughts or maybe had actually attempted to hurt themselves in the past – where you realize that you may have to consider hospitalization to keep them safe. But that wasn’t John. So I just sat there puzzled and all I could say is, “Why?”

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