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I'm The Owner and Operator of Wolf Radio. Online at
I've been into radio from the time I was a kid. In high School I took electronic assembly and computer repair as a trade. After High School I went to a trade school for Computer Networking and Repair. I Planned to work in that field. However God had other plans for me and I went back to a trade school for Radio broadcasting. I did not get in to the big marked in radio but I started my own station. I Was also told all the time that I work good with other people. I learned that Early when I worked at a retail store fixing computers. This is what got me into Xango a place where I can help others.

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Toll Free: (866) 667-WOLF
Work: (413) 685-WOLF
Fax: (413) 566-6126

2012-03-30 22:41:01

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