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My friends daughter went missing on 12/04/14 in Georgia

My friends daughter went missing on 12/04/14 in Georgia


PLEASE take a moment to share this! My friends daughter went missing on 12/04/14 in Georgia and the people we believe are guilty are involved in sex trafficking. PLEASE repost and ask others to do the same , even if you don’t know anyone in that area someone you know just might. Every little bit helps us get one step closer to her daughter coming home safely!!! Her name is Mikala White and she was abducted in the Marietta/Smyrna Georgia area. If you have any tips or any information please call (772)323-7980

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I Thought This Was Just Snow Covering A Field. But Then I Saw What It Was And OMG!


Imagine waking up to a beautiful snow blanketed field outside of your picturesque farm. But wait… it’s still summer so obviously that couldn’t be snow. You walk outside your front door to take a closer look and immediately your skeleton jumps out of your skin from the most disturbing sight you’ve ever seen! Spiders! Millions and millions of creepy crawly spiders! That’s exactly what happened in a small town in Australia called Wagga Wagga. Recent floods have covered miles and miles of once lush green land with feet of muddy water. This caused the evacuation of over 13,000 people. Well, naturally spiders aren’t the biggest fans of detrimental water levels either so they took to the hills. Millions of spiders had to migrate to higher ground to escape the flooding. This caused an extreme population of the evil little creatures to congregate in one small area. Take a look at these horrifying images that are causing nightmares around the world. This is why you want to stay far away from Australia. Check out these unbelievable photos: Read more [+]

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Guess What State Just Legalized Shooting The Police…

In the state of Indiana, according to recent changes in the state’s laws, deadly force can now be used not only on burglars and criminals but also on any public servant, including the police, in cases of “unlawful intrusion” when anybody tries to enter your private property and/or home without proper ‘clear justification.’ Indiana’s Governor, Mitch Daniels, a Republican, has legislated an add-on to the state’s 2006 ‘Castle Doctrine’ law that now allows for deadly force to be used against someone trying to enter your home illegally even if they happen to be law enforcement. Nationwide, many fear that Indiana has now called for an ‘open season’ on those wearing the badge. Read more [+]

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