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What You Think About Before Bed

What we think about when we crawl into bed at night can mean the difference between waking up rested – and tossing and turning all night. So here are 2 things we should never think about before bed – and 2 things we should.

First, don’t think about your email. Or your Facebook page. Or anything on your phone for that matter. Not only can the blue light from the screen interfere with your sleep hormones but also emails, texts and social media notifications activate our stress hormones in a way that keeps our brain wired. It’s one of the main causes of delayed sleep, or “parasomnia.” Plus, 64% of us sleep with our phone within reach but that means we’re exposed to electromagnetic radiation – and take longer to fall asleep and spend less time in deep sleep.

Also, before bed, don’t dwell on an argument you had. Scientists at the University of Massachusetts found that sleep not only preserves negative emotions – it enhances them. It’s a hold over from primitive times, when we needed to remember where danger was so we could survive. But our brain still reacts the same way and locks in negative information.

So what should we think about before bed? What we’re grateful for. In a study of people with sleep disorders, those who thought about what they were grateful for fell asleep more quickly, slept longer and woke up feeling more refreshed. It works by reducing the stress hormones that can lead to insomnia. Also, when you crawl into bed, visualize your favorite place.

A recent study found that visualizing someplace relaxing, like a beach or a mountain scene, helped people fall asleep 20 minutes faster than any other method. It works by allowing the creative side of your brain to dominate, which is what naturally happens before you drift off.

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WPNI AM Amherst

From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
For the former online subsidiary of the Washington Post Company, see Washingtonpost.Newsweek Interactive.
City of license Amherst, Massachusetts
Broadcast area Pioneer Valley
Frequency 1430 kHz
First air date April 2, 1963[1]
Last air date November 30, 2013
Format defunct
Power 5,000 watts daytime
11 watts nighttime
Class D
Facility ID 25907
Transmitter coordinates 42°21′25.00″N72°29′13.00″W
Callsign meaning Public News andInformation
(former format and slogan)
Former callsigns WTTT (1963–1999)
Owner Pamal Broadcasting
(6 Johnson Road Licenses, Inc.)

WPNI (1430 AM) was an American radio station licensed by the Federal Communications Commission (FCC) to serve the community ofAmherst, Massachusetts


In spring 2003, Pamal Broadcasting Ltd. (James Morrell, chairman/CEO) reached an agreement to acquire WPNI and WRNX from Western Massachusetts Radio Co., (Thomas G. Davis, president) for a reported sale price of $8 million.[2] The broker for this transaction was Doug Ferber of Star Media Group, Inc. WRNX was later sold to Clear Channel Communications in 2006.

For a period of time after the purchase, WPNI was leased to the University of Massachusetts Amherst, owner of NPR member stationWFCR, to provide an AM feed of the NPR News and Ideas channel. The NPR programming was moved to Clear Channel’s WNNZ on April 2, 2007 through a unique agreement where UMass programs the station, but Clear Channel retains ownership of the station and shares in the revenue stream generated by the station.[3][4] (WNNZ was later sold to WFCR under the name “WFCR Foundation, Inc.”)[5]

Following the transition of the NPR programming to WNNZ, Pamal Broadcasting announced that WPNI was for sale and would temporarily carry the programming of WUMB-FM, a folk music non-profit radio station from the University of Massachusetts Boston.[6]

In late September 2011, a tractor hit the guy wires of tower #1, causing it to collapse. WPNI filed for special temporary authority with the FCC to operate “non directionally” using the remaining tower for 180 days while the 2nd tower is replaced.[7]

Pamal reached a deal to sell WPNI to Brian Dodge’s The Love Radio Church on January 23, 2013.[8] The sale was never completed, and was dismissed on June 25, 2014.[9]

WPNI was taken off the air on November 30, 2013, as the station had no revenues to cover operational costs.[10] After determining that resuming operations would not be viable, Pamal surrendered the station’s license to the Federal Communications Commission on May 27, 2014.[11]

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