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Don't Follow your DreamsIf you map out any task from the start line to the finish line there are going to be parts that you love and parts that you hate.

Procrastination occurs whenever you focus on the nightmare you hate.

Productivity happens whenever you focus on the dream you love.

When I was working on my Ph.D. in psychology I had finished all of my classes, completed all of my trainings, run the experiment and collected all of the data for my dissertation and had even written up the biggest part of my dissertation. All I needed to do was to finish the last couple of chapters and I would be ready to graduate, and all of those years of work would be rewarded.  For some reason I started procrastinating. Days turned into weeks which turned into months.  My boss was going to give me a bonus and a significant increase in pay once I finished so I had more than enough motivation, finish it and get all of this good stuff, don’t finish it and let the time limit run out and all of those years of work would go down the drain.  Still I would look at my typewriter (this was before the days of PCs) and I got really good at finding something else, anything else to do.

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