19 Responses to NEW USA Military Technology threats to Russia & China Navy (2016)

  1. where is the secret weapon aka cheese burger?

  2. bye bye all Enemies of the USA and NATO

  3. USA fucking best #1 Go Usa

  4. … and that's only what the general public is allowed to see!

  5. The US technology at its best, unsurpassed ..

  6. Alright then… The navy had detective machine but the missile percent from being detected

  7. All Russians has been brainwashed by communist dictator pultin lol. You have no rights to live under communist president. If you plan to speak your rights against pultin, next day you will be in jailed, you have no rights to vote because everything is set up by government and dictator pultin. No YouTube, facebook and twitter in russia and China Funny is lol the Russian who lives in western countries and USA have kept talking bad about the countries they live but never want to return to Russia. You know why? Because they know that Russia will treat them like a piece of shit that the reason why they end up to live in other countries. So please stop talking shit about countries you are living now, if you don't like the countries you live then pack up and going back to Russia

  8. in I semua A
    akan menghancurkan umat manusia

  9. sueñan estupidos gringos con su porqueria de armas jaaaaaa

  10. Vous serez punis pour çe que vous avez fait à l'humanité poussé les autres nations à l'holocauste que les USA grille en enfer

  11. Nt 1 USA I love

  12. i just realize that videos like this make people angry and strained

  13. So imagine….


  15. All the thumbnails in this channel are clickbait :C

  16. Two words: Rail Gun

    Currently being tested on one of the new US Stealth Ships. The model being tested has a range of 140 miles and the shells are launched at Mach 7. They are cheaper than missiles and a ship can carry hundreds of them.

  17. Just remember one thing…the only good commie is a dead commie.

  18. Just more fucking Yankee propaganda!! I'm gonna love seeing you fuckers get wiped of the planet!