Former bookkeeper indicted for embezzling $1 million from Massachusetts Fire Technology of West Springfield

Patrick Johnson, The RepublicanBy Patrick Johnson, The Republican 
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on February 27, 2014 at 5:18 PM, updated February 27, 2014 at 5:45 PM

SPRINGFIELD – The former bookkeeper for a West Springfield business was indicted Thursday by a Hampden County grand jury in connection with the embezzlement of more than a $1 million over a three-year-period bymanipulating the books, according toMassachusetts Attorney General’s Office.

Jeffrey Cinelli, 50, of Montgomery, was indicted on five counts of larceny of more than $250, and four counts of making a false entry into corporate books. He is due to be arraigned on the charges in Hampden Superior Court on March 14.Prosecutors charge that between January 2006 and May 2009, Cinelli, who at the time was the bookkeeper for Massachusetts Fire Technologies Inc., of West Springfield,funneled money from the company’s accounts to pay his own credit card debt, and then altered the books to conceal his actions.

“We allege this defendant abused his position of trust within the company and stole over $1 million for his own personal benefit,” said Attorney General Martha Coakley in a statement.

The state attorney general’s office began investigating Cinelli in August 2012 after the case was referred to them by the office of Hampden District Attorney Mark Mastroianni.

The company originally discovered problems with the books and notified the West Springfield police.

Massachusetts Fire Technologies is a fire-protection company specializing in the sale and service of fire extinguishers and suppression systems.

17 Responses to Former bookkeeper indicted for embezzling $1 million from Massachusetts Fire Technology of West Springfield

  1. NewsRoom1690

    He did not have a drug habit. His Father is the pastor of a church in Huntington. This is the effect of a bad decision and a hardship of the present time.

  2. Bill

    Being a former business owner and victim of employee theft, it is very difficult to trace back who is the thief and how they are stealing, and you must be absolutely positive of who it is before you accuse the employee or you will have a major lawsuit. It probably took a year to notice the discrepancy and close to 2 years to prove positively who was stealing in this case. Employees have more rights than employers and they know it. This is the 2nd case on Masslive this week!

  3. pronsias

    I suppose if he went home with around $6,500 a week (only about $1,300 a night) for three years…..

  4. diamondjibooli

    Sorry, I don’t get how a million is not noticeable. Guess they needed more checks and balances there.

  5. havingfun123

    Not really. In this case 5 counts of larceny over $250 would amount to $200,000. That should be noticeable. However, I worked for a guy in which the store manager was stealing $50 per night for his drug habit. Because of the small amounts he didn’t notice it. What triggered an investigation was the manager staging a robbery while doing a bank deposit.

  6. pronsias

    More than $1 million in three years is probably noticeable..

  7. ron01118

    i hope his card was not one of those that gives reward points in airline miles would certainly be a flight risk

  8. elgov01028

    SHOCKING! The A.G. needs to keep digging.Maybe try the other side of the river.

  9. ron01118
    my bet is on the casino and its all gone

  10. Profile Img


    Papineau22 days ago
    How many no show jobs do you think he scammed them for? Hampden County Superior Court? Now that’s a tell. If he paid phantom workers via the normal process then both the MA and the Feds were paid with illicit funds. Wonder if he was clever enough to move the cash off shore? He is young enough to to a couple of years and “retire”.

  11. stinkbomb
    not as good as Republicans are at hiding it when tax day comes around.

  12. ron01118

    the city can hire them he will fit right in and i bet you he is a democrat they are very good at spending other peoples money

  13. fmu

    Unless “lavish” purchases were made on the card(s), then paid off with taking the money, I kinda doubt this guy had 1 million in CC debt 🙂

    Beyond that I’m pretty impressed. Most after 3 years like that might have taken low 6 figures at best….

  14. stinkbomb

    …and people think accounting is boring.

  15. ChrisB

    Not so sure about that. If you recall two months ago some Agawam guy stole $450k from a company, made believe they were for taxes, and kept it. And didn’t pay taxes on it himself. That was Federal I think, and he got three years probation, home confinement to boot. No prison. It was on Masslive. But Mass2323, maybe it will be taken more seriously at the State level. But I’m sure IRS is going to check this scammer out.

  16. mass2323

    He’ll get more time in jail than a felon facing assault charges. Something wrong with that?

  17. mamamonkee

    If Mass Fire had an annual audit done by an outside company, they probably could have avoided this mess. I hope they can get some of their money back.