8 Responses to Photo taken of Angel

  1. Wow we just had a very bad storm come through

  2. You don’t think someone could alter a photograph? They can.

    • Yes any one can alter photo but this is not something that is all that odd. I have seen a lot of shapes in clouds that look like animals people and angels. So weather this photo was altered who knows but I have seen this with my own eyes around here

    • I don’t think this photo was altered and if it was they good job at it. If you look at where the cars it to the lighting and the movement of the cars they match up with the speed of the cars. I Ran this photo through NextGen Studio and it does not look to be altered. It still could have been but that just means they did a real good job and for a photo like this I don’t know why they would go through the trouble to prove what. people see things in the clouds all the time. I Have seen dogs and cats and faces in the clouds over the years so its not odd so this person has nothing to prove. Ether way that’s not the reason I posted this to my website. it was more to bring peace to the victims of the shootings.

  3. This is so cool. I once had a friend who showed me a photograph of children playing on a playground. In the photograph there was a child going down a slide. Behind he child was an angel. Now I don’t think someone could alter a photograph.

  4. Thats odd BBefore I read the message I already could tell it was an angel Thats cool