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Protecting the one you love…


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  • okay so those three guys were different

  • dont mean that the rest arent the same

    • Many of us are different. Many girl’s just won’t give us a chance or throw us in the “friend zone”.

      • It’s not that all Men or Woman are not giving you a chance or even not worth being with. It is the way people are being brought up these days. and this goes for both men and woman. People these days are selfish and only care about what they want. and if some one does not look interesting to them they will not even give them a chance. They are looking for someone with an edge someone they feel will be interesting and go out and have a good time with. When in reality these are the people that care mostly about themselves and will most of the time just use the other person. A lot of the time these people are to young to really know what they want and until these are ready to settle down that is what you will get from people like this. What you don’t see is the people that know what they want and know what they are looking for and when they see some one they like they are to shy and quit to let them know and it they do let them know a lot of the time the other person will not be interested in them because they are not showing there real self because they are to afraid of what the other person will think of them. This will go on until the other person is ready to settle down and are no longer looking for a person to go out and party with are are looking for someone that will stand by them and take care of them. You also have to remember what I was saying first off that people are brought up different these days. and A lot of it has to do with parenting. Parents are not coaching there kids well anymore. They feel its the teachers job in the schools to do that. when really it’s not up to the school teachers. Parents are just getting lazy and a lot of them are lazy because they did not want kids in the first place and are using the kids to get money from the state. So with that said they expect the School teacher’s to baby sit and teach them everything while when they get home from school the other baby sitters are the T.V. and Video games. This is also why it’s harder for people that are brought up right to find there partner and match in life because there are fewer of those kinds of people in the world. I am not saying that kids that are brought up in that life style can’t change and grow out of that mindset when they get older it’s just for the time being they just want some one to party with and use until thy what that person to settle with and then go looking for them. but on the other hand some people will never change and will be that way for life. Each person is different. Some people change for the good some for the bad. Just look at all the people who have done School Shootings and just this last Movie Shooting. People say they where normal and they had friends before there mind snapped for whatever reason. I Hope this helps you out Nick.

  • Many males out there are not worth the air they breathe. Those three were worth their weight in gold. But there are very few men of value left.

  • A real man doesnt even think before putting himself at risk to protect others. Unfortunately there were both heros and cowards in that theater. One guy left his girl friend and kids behind so he could escape only to propose to her at the hospital. The problem is that we are always judged by the weakest of our gender not the best. That goes for men and women.

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