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Kilowatt Kampers Weekend

Another Kilowatt Kampers Weekend for the Spring of 2012. This Time we are at the Cape. We made is up Last night and so far it’s been nice weather we had lightning last night around 10pm and had a little rain but this morning is beautiful.

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  • Fall Kilowatt weekend date???

    • We are still Working on the Fall Campout. I Heard they are talking about having it in Vermont at a state park but It is only Dry Camping so I don’t think a lot of people plan to go to that one. we are still working on getting another campground. we Will Let you know. the Mailing list is no longer working on my website so the only other wat to get updates from the site is to click follow on the bottom right hand side of the screen and enter your e-mail address.

    • The Fall Kilowatt Kampers for 2012 will be in October We are working on getting it for the first weekend in October In Sturbridge, MA at Outdoor world. that wiill be October 5-7th. The dates are not set in stone yet we are still working with the campground. most of the people where not into the dry camping in Vermont so that idea is out and we are working on this one.


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