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Public Information Statement (10:20 AM EDT on June 26, 2012)

Public Information Statement
10:20 AM EDT on June 26, 2012

...Lightning safety awareness week continues...
...June July and August typically have the most lightning deaths...

As might be expected because of increased outdoor activity...the 
Summer months have the highest recorded number of deaths due to 
lightning. In a normal year...based on statistics from 
1982-2011...there are 12 deaths in the United States in both June 
and August with 16 deaths in July.

As of June 26 2012...there have already been 4 people killed in the 
United States this year. This is below the average and we are hoping 
that this trend continues...from increased lightning safety 

On June 8 2012 on Lake Okeechobee in Florida...a 51 year old man was 
killed on a boat while fishing.

On April 11 2012 in Ponchatoula Louisiana...a 54 year old father and 
his 33 year old son were killed while in a small metal shelter after 
having been fishing. 

On March 30 2012 in Greenville Alabama... a 12 year old boy was 
struck and killed by lightning while playing under a tree.

Lightning fatalities can occur anywhere...not just in the southern 
states. Yesterday...on June 25 2012...more than a dozen Golf course 
employees were injured in Stonington Connecticut. Quite fortunately 
there were no fatalities. 

As you can see... these are real people in real situations. In many 
cases...you can prevent being struck by following basic lightning 
safety rules. If you can hear thunder...you are close enough to be 
struck. The only safe place is indoors in a sturdy building. Stay 
away from trees...fences...and hilltops. If there is no 
building...then try to get inside a hard topped automobile...but not 
an unprotected motorcycle.  If on the water...get to shore when 
billowing clouds are seen in the distance...the storms can arrive 

Remember these rules...
when thunder roars go indoors.  
If you can hear it...fear it.  
If you can see it...flee it.

7 Days to go

7 Days to Back up your Files

7 Days of Mobil Me Left

Special Weather Statement (Strong to severe thunderstorms & Record temperatures)

Severe Thunderstorm Watch 417 in effect until 9 PM EDT this evening…

… Strong to severe thunderstorms are possible later this afternoon
into this evening…
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Heat Advisory

Once again it is going to be a hot day. Stay in AC if you can and drink a lot of Water.

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