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Transfer of WolfRadio.net

Starting today I Will Be transferring wolfradio.net to another host. this will make the address be down for about 7 days. you can still get to my site by using my old address 1david6.com and 1david6.homestad.com they will still be up for now. if homestead does something fishy and does remove all my addresses and if they do i wont be all that surprised. They have been pretty bad lately. if That does happen you can still listen to wolf radio live stream at my tune in page and get ll the weather reports at my Weather underground page. and or Everyone that listens to the Current team ports show you can still get to all your shows by jut putting 1david6.com instead on wolfradio.net or you can also use 1david6.homestead.om instead. For People looking for the Kilowatt Kampers Page that will still be working at KilowattKampers.com

Mouse & Mouse

Who are you and What did you do with my brother?

iFeel Mouse

Do you remember the iFeel Mouse They never got that popular and you can no longer get the software for them they where around in the 90’s but I don’t get why Amazon Still has them in stock Logitech stopped making them in 2002 and stopped all support on them in 2003. So for Stores to still have them in stock only means that there was so many made and they where not popular.  They made 2 kinds the 2 button wheel mouse and the 4 button wheel mouse both stopped being made in 2002.


Logitech iFeel Mouse

64 ‘queries’

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