the Day after

Yesterday’s weather Was crazy I have Video’s on the Way in and I will be posting them hear as they come in. I have never seen this kind of weather in Ma before Most on the time we are in the better area. We don’t get Earthquakes most of the time or Hurricanes and its almost never see tornados hear. I think there has only been two in Ma and Connecticut since I have been alive.

  Today is going to be like the storm never happened weather wise. It will be worm to start Very Sunny today but Cooler weather moves in as the day goes on. The weather from yesterday will be pulling cooler air down from the north given us a relief from the heat at least for now. Near the end of today the Temps will be in the Mid 60’s to 70. It Will be a little windy as the cooler are moves in.


One Response to the Day after

  1. It was a bad day for a lot of people.