Apple Continues Software Updates with iOS 4.3.3 pre-iPhone 5

Last published on 05/09/11 at 07:28 PM

Apple Continues Software Updates with iOS 4.3.3 pre iPhone 5Apple has released the latest software update for theiPhone by way of operating system iOS 4.3.3, following suit from a spate of upgrades which seem to have come along in a rather staggeringly short period of time. After a winter which passed without a single iOS update, Apple seems to have adopted a far more aggressive approach to bettering their already world-leading platform. Unfortunately, the new approach does little to substantiate theories regarding a summer iPhone 5 release date.

However, solace can be taken in the fact that Apple are showing a level of enthusiasm and determination regarding the bettering of their products in a way previously unseen, perhaps in response to the ever-increasing interest in Google’s Android platform, along with a number of other key players who continue to expand their horizons. Of course, the main question on the minds of most still rests with what we d or don’t know about the elusive iPhone 5.

In short, the appearance of the white iPhone 4 last month has all but confirmed that an imminent iPhone 5 launch is all but an impossibility. Apple have never in their history released two such products within close proximity and the likelihood of them doing so now is minimal at best. True, they may have stepped away from their tradition of summer launches, but it now seems save to hedge bets with a fall launch at the earliest.

The good news, however, comes by the fact that releasing a rather stunning white iPhone 4 just a few months (potentially) from the release of the iPhone 5 displays a level of confidence in their new product which should reassure and patient follower. New Apple products are always designed in a way which simply kills off previous models, therefore if the same proves to be true for the iPhone 5, it will certainly be worth the wait.

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