Site-builder Software

Site-builder Software

by David Bidwell on 04/07/11

   I don’t know how many of you use Homestead web hosting but they have been taken over by Intuit. Yes Intuit does all the tax stuff. Well as some of you know I have been with Homestead from around the time well I will just say 1996. Some where around there. I never have had any issue with them til they merged with Intuit. after that point the software got so glitchy. Right now I cant even update any files on my website. The tech support tells me it is my internet connection. Ok if it is it used to work before so they must have done some great update to make it not work on my internet connection so every one of there updates we need to have an update to our internet connection. Well not all of us have that luxury of having a nice fast internet connection. So it looks like I will have to bring my computer to my girlfriends house every time I want to update my website. Meanwhile this is a desktop computer. No it’s not a laptop. that would be to simple. Yes I have to lug this big heavy thing around all the time.  O Well such is life…

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  1. This can be the worst post of all, I’ve study

  2. ya Homestead now Sucks now that they are with intuit.