What is Love?

No it is not just a song by Haddaway. Some people take it for granted. I was talking with my girlfriend last night and it made my think harder what the real meaning of love is. Yes I have known for a very long time and it is what they teach in church each week how god loves you know matter what but how do people like us really treat each other. Well we may know the meaning of the word but do we really always practice it? Well no we don’t because I was thinking how I have been treating people in my life and I need to stop and think at times what I am doing to people and is that how I really want to be treated back. In the past month I have really been getting on my parents nerves. I guess it is both of us to blame. Altho a fight can not start unless both people contribute to it. It is really over stupid things weather I have the fan on on the stove while cooking, What pan to use to make hot dogs. Geese in the yard. Yes this is all the things I was in fights over with my parents. at one time I took a cable off the T.V. so they could not watch it until we where done talking. Ok so a little childish. I know. These are this things I need to work on. Everyone has thing they need to work on in life. I take after my father and have a temper at times and it is something I need to work on. So this is my point. We all have things to work on in Life and I know it is hard at times.. Sometimes we can not do it on our own. Nether can I. It took my girlfriend to make me realize what I have been doing to my parents. They love me as much as I love my girlfriend and I need to respect them as much as I respect my girlfriend. If everyone did this once in a while and think. What it is we get upset with really when you look back at is it is over nothing. There are so many bigger things in this world to worry about. My grandmother and I have always been close. I got her into computers years ago. I set up her computer to help her out so if she needed work done to it I could fix it without going to her house. Well She uses her computer for stories she writes about her life. So she did not want me working on her computer anymore thinking I would read the things she writes on the computer. Yes this upset me a great deal. We have always been able to talk about everything. So my first thought is what is she hiding. The other thing is I always fixed her computer now she takes it to a computer shop. and this bugged me. Well part of it was that I had nothing going on in my life so it was the only thing I thought about. Now I have other people and friends in my Life and it no longer bothers me any more. So instead of always thinking of your self you need to think of how you make other people feel also. For those of you that have thought about Cheating or do cheat on your Boyfriend/Girlfriend Husband or Wife think of this. How would you feel if you where the one being cheated on? If you like the other person better than leave the one your with. If not than why are they worth cheating with on your current partner. Why through all your beautiful memories away for the unknown with someone else. To me thats crazy. Just a thought to think about. If you have cheated and know you where wrong if you confess and really truly know you will never do it again well maybe if your partner really loves you may forgive you. I know I would if they confessed and believed never to do it again. So again What is love? Well we know the love god has for us so can we spread that around earth and make everyones day a little better. Love is when you care so much about some one you can put up with almost anything and when they are wrong forgive them for what they have done.

Lets try to make someone have a better day.
Tomorrow is Friday Eve now thats a good start.

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  1. Great Song and article.