Tech News As Heard on Wolf Radio

Saturday, January 8, 2011

Tech News As Heard on Wolf Radio

Tech News As Heard on Wolf Radio

by David Bidwell on 01/08/11

Yesterday I had a radio Show on Wolf Radio on new Technology. It Looks Like coming in 2011. 

    Wireless Charging For Your Mobile Devices 

This  Year It Looks Like Their are trying to make a standard on wireless charging on all mobile cell phones and PDA devices. All company’s have signed on to this except Apple. Apple Id a company of there own they do not like to follow any other company. Ether they come out with it first on there own or they wait til all other company’s test it and see how it works before they use it on there own. Right now you can get a wireless chargind pad for your iPhone or iPod You get a case to put the phone in. I do not like thew cases It blocks the port on the bottom of your phone or iPod. I have seen the wireless charging devices at best buy and staples. Another new Device this year is the Play Station phone.
  Yes people you thought Texting and Driving was bad Just Wait til You have Gaming and driving . 
The play station phone will be on the android OS. 
Ok Now here is one for you.
Smart Shopping Carts. 
O Ya Shopping Carts That will remember what you picked up at the store the time before.
Stores Have tried this with wireless hand held devices. Now they are taking it to the next level by putting them into the carts itself.  Stores Will Give you a pin number to log into the cart and The cart will remember what you put into the cart and tell you haw much it will be before you check out. It will also remember what you picked up the week before. So when you return to the store it will tell you what you may need to pick up and the items you hod gotten from the time before. So people where telling us that this is a little scary to think about. Stores knowing what you get all the time. Well not as much as when the GPS first came out in your cell phone. Your phone always telling the government where you are at every minute of the day. That people thought was a little over the top at first but came to except it. Well this is the next step. Now stores have always known what you get from there store. They track it when you use your credit card. Not so Much when you use cash that is why a lot of stores now will ask you for your name and address at the register. Stores Like Radio Shack.
  Let me know in the comment section what your thoughts are on all this.
Do you Think it is a Good Idea?
Do You Think Companys know to Much about you? 

I also heard that other Country’s are mapping our power grid. This may not be good for any one who relies on electricity. If we go to war with any of these country they will know how to take out our power. and as you know without power we are useless. We will not be able to get anything from the stores and not be able to get gas for our cars. Hospitals will not be able to treat the people for long. only til the backup power runs out. One Of our Stores will still be running Even with power the Store in Huntington Has no register he still uses Pen and Paper. Other than that he will be the only store still open. I Would Hope and think other stores will follow when they know the power will not be back on.

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