Kilowatt Kampers Camping Weekend!

This is the Kilowatt Kampers Weekend as a lot of you know from the Kilowatt Kampers website.

as I posted in the last post it is a very dark cool rainy and windy day today. It will rain right through Friday afternoon and into the evening at least it will be damp in the evening from all the rain. This is the reason why we are not going to the Kilowatt Kampers. They are having the Kilowatt Kampers up in Savoy, MA up there it will be a lot cooler than if we went to Sterbridge and camped there. So we will be going to Sterbridge, MA to out campground Outdoor World where it also will be cheaper because we will not have to pay to go there. It will still be cold to be tenting this weekend but we will get through it.

I will let you know with another post after the weekend is over to tell you how at all went.

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