2 Responses to DVR and T. V. Adds

  1. Email is the main method of communicating in the 21st century. Instead of asking for a telephone number or a street address, people now ask for your email address. No one writes a letter and sends it in the mail anymore and very few invitations or birthday cards come through snail mail. You can even get your monthly statements for cable or Internet through email, so why do we need a post office anymore.

  2. Last week I decided to clean up my email inbox which I have to admit was getting a little crammed with hundreds of messages mainly from lists I’ve joined in the past, and much of it I had not even opened. Well I ended up un-subscribing from at least ten lists half of them because I have no strong interest in the subject matter, and the others I quit purely because they were emailing me far too often. What surprised me was that three of these nuisance type lists were well known ‘internet marketing gurus’, who really should know better. One of them had posted me five emails in a single day!