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Dual Mono VS Stereo – I Love this Post



but if you say, run one mono signal into a daw with a splitter into 2 inputs, recording on two tracks, that would be dual mono? does that sound right?

This always seems to come up for some reason. My answer is “Don’t do that!” It doesn’t make any sense to record the exact same stuff to two tracks and pan them left and right. Just record one track and pan it in the middle. Your hard drive will thank you for it. 
Unless you are recording to a non-linear medium this will be two mono tracks and you will have two pan controls which confuse each other. Does that make sense?


Stereo vs. Joint Stereo **again**


 Stereo vs. Joint Stereo **again**

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QUOTE (mithrandir @ Jan 14 2005, 09:38 AM)
No, joint stereo is lossy.


Depends on what you’re talking about. As I understood it, there’s two ways to do Joint Stereo. Mid/Side Stereo is lossless. Intensity Stereo is lossy. But intensity stereo is only used at low bitrates (96k and less) and so Joint Stereo is lossless at normal bitrates used for audio anyway.

So in other words, Joint Stereo can only improve quality by offering another possible data set to compress and giving a possible higher quality. Using Stereo Only makes no sense because that’s just eliminating the possibility of using M/S encoding.

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Lots of the confusion goes from Fhg.
They usually call ms stereo as joint stereo and intensity stereo as ms-is stereo. sad.gif
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This is incredible mad.gifMany people in present moment believe that Lame CBR 192kbps – Stereo mode is the best solution mad.gif sick.gif

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Hearing in Dual Mono vs. True Stereo



Hearing in Dual Mono vs. True Stereo
by Neil Bauman, Ph.D.

A number of hard of hearing people have asked me to explain exactly what the difference is between hearing dual mono sound and hearing stereo sound.

With mono sound, there is only one microphone involved in picking up the sounds. Since there is only one microphone picking up the sound, there is only one sound amplifier, and one sound heard in the earphones.If you are wearing dual earphones, you hear exactly the same sound in each ear. This is dual mono.

With stereo, there are two microphones picking up the sounds, Since there are two microphones picking up separate sounds (with some overlapping to be sure), there are two sound amplifiers and if you are listening to a stereo device and wearing stereo earphones, you will hear different sounds in each ear. This is true stereo sound.

Stereo is what gives sound directionality–sounds seem to be coming from one side or the other or in front of you.Mono sound has no directionality associated with it. It is just “there.”

Most assistive devices are mono devices, so you will hear the same sound in both ears. However,in the hearing world, most audio devices–radios, TVs, DVDs, CDs, iPods, MP3 players, etc are all stereo devices.

If you want to hear true stereo sound, you need to learn how to couple your hearing aids to the various portable stereo devices. The article, “Using T-Coils to Couple Your Hearing Aids to Various Audio Devices” explains what you need, and how to do this.

This article also explains what you need to do if you want to use a mono coupling device (such as a neckloop) to couple to a stereo system so you don’t accidentally short out one of the stereo amplifiers.

Another 4″ of Snow Last Night

Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Another 4″ of Snow Last Night.
When will it end? I want spring. Whet ever happened to the dusting that they told up it would be?


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