Stereo vs. Joint Stereo **again**


 Stereo vs. Joint Stereo **again**

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QUOTE (mithrandir @ Jan 14 2005, 09:38 AM)
No, joint stereo is lossy.

Depends on what you’re talking about. As I understood it, there’s two ways to do Joint Stereo. Mid/Side Stereo is lossless. Intensity Stereo is lossy. But intensity stereo is only used at low bitrates (96k and less) and so Joint Stereo is lossless at normal bitrates used for audio anyway.

So in other words, Joint Stereo can only improve quality by offering another possible data set to compress and giving a possible higher quality. Using Stereo Only makes no sense because that’s just eliminating the possibility of using M/S encoding.

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post Jan 14 2005, 16:53
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Lots of the confusion goes from Fhg.
They usually call ms stereo as joint stereo and intensity stereo as ms-is stereo. sad.gif
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post Jan 14 2005, 17:10
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This is incredible mad.gifMany people in present moment believe that Lame CBR 192kbps – Stereo mode is the best solution mad.gif sick.gif

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