NY’s Dumbest; NYC sanitation workers destroy a Ford Explorer / Expediton

Last published on 04/11/11 at 06:04 AM

City workers destroy a Ford Explorer trying to free a snowbound front-loader in Brooklyn Heights, New York after the storm of 2010. The crazy thing here….the vehicle WAS….wait for it….A NYC Dept of Buildings city owned vehicle. I went down, I know the owner, they are aware of the video and no police ever came. Hope that answers a lot of questions

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  1. VPGOjj This is one awesome blog post.Really thank you! Fantastic.

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  4. This is a compelling read. I am wondering what you think about what the others have said about this, I saw something on FOX News this morning that seemed to contradict what you are saying.

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  6. 118. Mark said on 1/4/11 – 12:11AM Still They are only thinking about how much money woud be made for new years. and how some people may not come if the snow is in the way. Right only thinking of money being made. $$$ That is all it is to them.

  7. 119. Amanda said on 1/4/11 – 12:15AM That is the way the world is today Do you ever watch the news. In the same news cast they tell you we are recovering from the downturn and everyone is spending more and driving again. Then the next story they tell you the market is still bad and people are not spending yet and we are using less oil. Yet the gas prices still go up. OK What the hell.

  8. 120. Katie White said on 1/4/11 – 10:02PM This Is So Stupid

  9. 121. miketj4l said on 4/11/11 – 09:07AM
    dude… have you been to New York City? How many driveways? do you see in NYC?

  10. 122. ericotto420 said on 4/11/11 – 09:07AM
    Guaranteed the? cost of those two bumpers are much less than the potential lost revenue if they had left the plow there. That’s why they didn’t care.

  11. 128. Mark said on 4/11/11 – 09:21AM
    They where also trying to hurry up and get everything ready for new years. But yes I still thing the workers where wrong. I would not like that if it was my car. I guess you cant have anything nice in new york. Thats way a lot of people don’t have cars

  12. 127. James said on 4/11/11 – 09:15AM
    Great kerrywsmyth but do you know here in new york there are no other places to park your car than on the street and also it would have been nice for them to let us stay snowed in because then after we would still have a car. “Great the snow is gone and we can get out O Wait ya thats right they destroyed our car now it’s underivable I guess we cant get out after all.

  13. 126. kerrywsmyth said on 4/11/11 – 09:11AM
    “Sanitation workers” should have left you guys snowed in and went? door to door selling snow shovels for $250 a piece and salt for $20/pound. Here in Ohio if your car is on a main street during a snow emergency you’d be very lucky to get it back in as good a shape as this Expedition.

  14. 125. catdigger350 / @GreenSkyy87 said on 4/11/11 – 09:10AM
    don’t? talk shit about the union asshole

  15. 124. nastyfuck012 said on 4/11/11 – 09:09AM
    i bet they? were stoned

  16. 123. cabotubes said on 4/11/11 – 09:08AM
    A tow truck driver,and a garbage man….? Any questions?

  17. 117. Robert said on 1/4/11 – 12:09AM I Think that is why they did what they did. I Watched the Mayer on tv at new years and he told them to do what they had to do to get all the snow gone for the new years party. It Is Still Not Right tho.

  18. 116. Creg said on 1/4/11 – 12:08AM Ya I Know Like Really. This Is Why I Stay away from New York and the City You could not get me any where near there around new years.

  19. 115. Nick said on 1/2/11 – 02:56PM This is madness! I really don’t think anybody here is being stupid as much as they just couldn’t care less. They know that the owners will just go after the city who in tern will just cut them a check. It’s a sad thing when people like this don’t care about other people.

  20. 114. Jessie said on 12/31/10 – 12:45PM Holy Hell

  21. 113. Robert said on 12/29/10 – 12:11PM So Does anyone know the out come of this? Why is the One Paying the bill. I Hope it is not the owner of ether car.

  22. 112. David Bidwell (Site Admin) said on 12/29/10 – 12:09AM Or another day In Paradise

  23. 111. Natalie said on 12/29/10 – 12:09AM Just another Day In The City

  24. 110. erosennin4444 said on 12/28/10 – 11:57PM thats what happen when the mayor fired 500 GOOD union workers and just picks up 500 random strangers of the damn streets! goes to show how good a job he’s doing, bet he? really regrets it bc the union workers by my hood can even use the plow right erosennin4444 25 minutes ago

  25. 109. adamjames82 said on 12/28/10 – 11:56PM they? are in a Union they can do whatever they want and not get fired. I’m happy living in the? 5th largest city where it never snows. Phoenix thecanadianvandal 26 minutes ago thecanadianvandal 26 minutes ago @thecanadianvandal I thought Houston was the 5th? Phoenix is AWESOME I love? it there. adamjames82 26 minutes ago 3

  26. 108. kazpmk said on 12/28/10 – 11:55PM This is a microcosm of how our? entire govmt. system is running roughshod over the people to get its self out of the mess it got it’s self in. MrBullfrog9876 26 minutes ago MrBullfrog9876 26 minutes ago It looks like? this guy has been disturbed while he was masturbating. kazpmk 26 minutes ago 2 26 minutes ago 2 I love the tags….. ‘NY’s’ and? ‘Dumbest’

  27. 107. integraab said on 12/28/10 – 11:53PM 1. The other truck could of just push it 2. He could of lift his front with a bocket and put some chains down. 3.? They were both dumb. 4. Pull the back of the dozer to the oposet side of the car… and so much more options. integraab 26 minutes ago

  28. 106. brklynmd3 said on 12/28/10 – 11:53PM Why are people picking on the guy who shot the video? I think it is GREAT he got it. The sanitation is VERY dangerous! When I was a kid crossing the street, a sanitation truck made a left turn while my brother and I was in the itersection and just missed my brother by a half inch and that was with me pulling him back. Plus, a sanitation truck did the same thing (hit) to my suburban and I couldn’t get anything because I didn’t have it on video. Still got? my truck and the damage. brklynmd3 26 minutes ago 3

  29. 105. David Bidwell (Site Admin) said on 12/28/10 – 11:52PM O They do they are just to lazy and do not car. They Have to go through a lot of training before they can drive one of them on the street.

  30. 104. Mark said on 12/28/10 – 11:50PM Well Those Men don’t know Much about Loaders then ether.

    • O They do they are just to lazy and do not car. They Have to go through a lot of training before they can drive one of them on the street.

  31. 103. ourwallaceclan said on 12/28/10 – 11:49PM The level of stupidity here is just amazing. I showed this to my kids and told them this is exactly what you DO NOT DO! As soon as the moron bumped into the explorer he should have shut it down and called? a supervisor, NOT continue with that EPIC fail train! Better yet, they shouldnt have even started. They could have started knocking on doors asking people to move their cars. Of all the things to do, and there were many, they chose the one thing they shouldnt have done. Amazing. ourwallaceclan 17 minutes ago

  32. 102. MrJbkendell said on 12/28/10 – 11:49PM best of 2010… I can’t stop watching it, because it ridiculous and like other comments and the guy in video mentioning chains. Or what about digging it out a bit first. If you have ever buried your car in the ditch in the snow the tow crew always digs out first otherwise like in the video you do more damage than going in the ditch did. ? They don’t give a fuck and depending in what day this was they were getting 1.5 time or maybe even double time. thank the city taxpayers for the repairslol MrJbkendell 24 minutes ago 2

  33. 101. BillBear31 said on 12/28/10 – 11:48PM “with a helicopter” no with the bucket he? was dragging on top of the car. You don’t know anything about Loaders do you? BillBear31 22 minutes ago