A Google Computer?

So It Looks Like Google Is Now making a Computer. They Came out With It at the Google Chrome Event on December 7, 2010.

  They have taken a lot of the Hardware and Software from MAC Just may be because MAC stuff Seems to work. The Computer Looks like a Mac Book. Tho on the Pilot Computers they are sending people. The Computer is not branded. It only has one USB Port and one Headset Jack and One VGA port. So if you want to print anything you ether have to use a WI-FI Printer or the one USB port or get a USB Expansion Hub.

  This Computer only connects to the internet. Everything on the OS is done through the Google Chrome Browser. There thought on this is that Computers hardware and software was written long before the internet. Now Most people only use there Web Browser when they are on the computer. Unless you are my Grandmother and only use your computer like a big Typewriter. This can be a good thing for some people and a bad thing for others. If you only use your computer for the Internet it is a good thing. A Virus can not really hurt this computer. Nothing is stored on the computer it is all done online. Now Google Docs can be saved as a draft on the computer until you connect to a WI-FI network. In order to turn on this computer for the first time you need to be in a WI-FI network area because you log in with your G-mail account. The Google Chrome browser is based on the Safari Browser. So unless you can install Firefox some websites may have a issue with it. I have used Google Chrome and some websites tell you to use IE or Firefox to View them. If that became a big issue Google may have to fix this before next summer when they plan to release the computers. This Computer also has no Caps Lock Keys. The reason for this they tell us is because in there own words ” This Will Help on some of those online form posts” Really??? Who wont think of holding down the shift key. If they really want to type in caps. Lets hope it has one on those. or just hope your password is not in any upper-case letters. 

 They also tell us that it has no Function keys. in there own words they say “We really could not find out what they where good for any way.”  Really What ever happed to F5= Refresh and F1=Help Well I guess if it is only an inter net computer you wont need many other than those. That may be what they meant by that.

  If any of you out there got into the pilot program and have one of these computers Let me know how you like it in the Comments Section.

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