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Happy New Year 2011

So Today Being the new year Well the First day of the new Year. It is also the second to the las of the same numbers in the Month Day and year. 1/1/11 & 1/11/11 & 11/11/11 this Year and Next Year We Will Have 12/12/12 and that will be the last of them we will see in our Lives.

  Have a Great New Year’s day every one. and for those who where in NY watching the New Year Come In. Well You Will be sleeping most of the day I bet. I am Going to bed now just before 12:30.  The People who are in New York Will be up til 6,7,8 or Even 9am depending on where they need to go to sleep or to get home.

So another Years Gone By…


Yes It Is New Years Eve Today. and Like Hootie Tells Us In A Song… Another Years Gone By. So Was It a Long or Short year for You? For Me It was Yeaterday We Just Did This. So Ya It Was a Quick Year.

I may be on to something


As some of you may know I have been looking for work in my field of computers. Well I have an interview with YMCA today so we will see how that is.

NY’s Dumbest; NYC sanitation workers destroy a Ford Explorer / Expediton

Last published on 04/11/11 at 06:04 AM

City workers destroy a Ford Explorer trying to free a snowbound front-loader in Brooklyn Heights, New York after the storm of 2010. The crazy thing here….the vehicle WAS….wait for it….A NYC Dept of Buildings city owned vehicle. I went down, I know the owner, they are aware of the video and no police ever came. Hope that answers a lot of questions
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