Tuesday Morning Meetings!!!

So We Have meetings with everyone in our department every morning. We talk about safety events and what we will be doing for the day. Some mornings just about all mornings we have a real hard time getting everyone together for the meetings. We Have Stretching Every Morning at 7:10am and a lot of the people do not go down with us so they want us to get them stock before out starting time at 7am. If we do that and sometimes we do we do not make it to Stretching. When we get back if we do make it to Stretching it is a big rush hour til like 8am we have no time then for out safety meeting everyone is busy working on getting stock for all the overhead and underground trucks that will be going out in the morning. Some days we never even get to our safety meetings and when we do not get a chance to get to the meetings our safety man gets upset with us when we don’t have out safety meetings in the morning. He tells us we have to have them before any work is done. So that should be right at 7am in the morning but we have no time to do that. The other thing is with the jobs like I pasted last night. I have been here working two years now and through the two years I have been told there would be jobs for me. well two weeks ago now they did post two jobs on the board and I was the first one to put in for the job but I was not the one to get the job. The person that got it over me was in the union so he would get it over a temp. The thing I don’t get is how they can get away with not working at all. They go to the coffee room all day and walk around without helping. One on them has been trying to learn and he is doing real well here but I Still Seem to be the one to do most of the work. and It just gets to me that they don’t want to give me a full time job after I have been waiting two years for it. I also have been running the Stretching in the morning and setting up the TV. and also working with I.T. on all the computers, Printers and Handheld Scanners. I set up some screens for IT also. They have even had me go to other sites to train them how to use the hand held scanners and fix them. It is not like I don’t help them out so I just don’t understand why it is taking so long to get a job.


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