Work and New Jobs!!!

 after the great weekend i had with Michelle at the campground it was time to get back to work. Let me tell you after todat i am already looking forward to the long weekend coming up this Friday afternoon.  Today the new guy steve started don’t get me wrong steve is a great I do like him he knows my father and he knew my grandfather. Steve is new so he does not know a lot yet and he does not know computers at all so that leaves me to do all the work of ordering and recieveig and running the while everyone gets to go have coffee I am picking up everyones work. That would not be so bad if  I got a full time job in the company. See they like to hire people that dont want to work but keep the temps to do all the work but not give Them full time jobs in the company. thats what upsets me. The job Steve took should have been mine. It may be time for me to look for something else.

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