Weekend Wonders!

So a lot of people at work and even my family wonder the things i do in my free time. Well there is not a lot to know about me really. I will use this weekend.  Friday night my grandmother calls me and tells me she is getting a new computer desk. mind you thins does not happen every weekend so this is something extra·  While she was moving her old desk around she pulled out the cables for her phone. So thats what she wanted me to Fix. I had dish network commine over to switch from direc tv over to dish so i went over to see my grandmother Saturday afternoon. When i got over there my friend Nick met me there. We Found She Pulled Out The Cable to Her Phone Line Out Of The Charter Cable Box. We Fixed her phone and disconnected her computer so Staples can come and put together her computer desk. tho i will have to go back there on a later date to put her computer back together again. Well at theis time that is not the point. After we left ther we went to rock 102 and then to staples and then back to my house to watch a movie called “Edge of Darkness” Now a lot of people that i work with told me the movie was not all that good. butI Found it to be a good movie. Maby it is just the kind of movie i Like or that it took place in my state. . But over all i do think it is a movie worth seeing. If you have seen it let me know what you think of it. So I think you all now see my weekends are not that intresting to talk about. I was on a bowling team when i was in school but every one i know left the team and moved on to something else. so i did to. So now i go to MT. Tom With My friends on good weather days. and no there is nothing on MT. Tom but it is good to get out and walk the trails. Well That is about all i have right now. It Has been a rainey weekend so we have not been out side much. I Like days when it is nice weather so we can be out. two weeks ago it was Hot and now we are in mid June and it is back in th 60’s again. This it what the weather did last summer. I am not the kind of person that likes winter better than summer like some people do. No I live the hot weather. I don’t like winter much. Ok well i do like Snow around Christmas. after Christmas it over Good bye to the snow and hello hot weather.I guess i should Live in the south. O Well Such Is Life.

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  1. We all already know you have a boring life. That’s Until You Met Amanda. Now She Is Your Life.