Thursday, November 10, 2005


The radio talker accused of poisoning his wife had a personal blog, but it’s bitten the Blogger dust.
Keown’s sister, Shawna, posted a note to CHATTER to direct people to her new blog:

This is James Keown’s sister and I wanted everyone to go to my blog to tell me what they think about this since his site is down. There is no way in hell he would ever do that to anyone! Here is my site: http://shawnaek.blogspot.com/

Click here to get to Shawna Keown’s blog. There’s not much there yet, but as her brother’s case moves through the system, that’s likely to change.
As mentioned in an earlier post, we’re not sure James Keown is good for the charge. Funny, but we really believe in that innocent-until-proven-guilty thing. And the case against Keown sounds weak.



by RON DAVIS@4:00 PM




Anonymous said…
From an anonymous listener and bystander – don’t know if he’s guilty, but if the following reports are true …
He reportedly told his wife’s parents when asked how he thought she got the antifreeze in her system, that he speculated that she may have picked up a bottle of soda or drink on the street that someone had put antifreeze in and drank it … who picks up opened bottles of soda on a street and just decides to drink it?
He said little about having a wife who had died to people in Jefferson City … I’ve had friends whose spouse died – they can’t help themselves from talking about their spouse.  Talking through it and about the person is part of the grieving process for the vast, vast majority of people.
If you spouse died from an unknown cause, wouldn’t you be doing everything in your power to find out why and how this happened?
He already had plans to spend the insurance money on a car and house?
Another blogger wrote that the guy has a history of lying and reportedly knew Keown was stealing from a previous job where he was fired – not a good pattern of behaviour.
Keown had a reputation for acting like the “man about town” and liked to drop names on his radio show of who he knew, places he’d been, who he hangs out with; he liked to let listeners know that he knew about big news stories before most others did – liked to give the impression that he was a connected and important guy.  The impression he gave on the radio was that money impressed him.
He knew when he came back to Missouri that he was under suspicion; he seemed to do nothing to try to cooperate with authorites in Boston to find out why his wife died – he just left town a month after her death.
These are all questions that have been put forth in the public arena and have to be addressed to determine the guilt or innocence of this man.

12:51 PM, November 21, 2005

Anonymous said…
I am James Keowns sister, Denna.  He is not guilty!  The love he and julie shared was pure. I miss them both very much.  I hope the system will work how it should.  I know that love and innocence is real. I cant wait for the trial to be done so he can be free and i can enjoy his love once again. Miss him lots and my prayers are with him always. Will be looking forward to his release soon. Because I know how much he loved his wife Julie. Like the rest of the family. LoVE YOU ALWAYS Denna.
3:02 AM, June 22, 2008

Anonymous said…
watching the story on E! right now, JAMES KEOWN IS GUILTY ! 10-18-10
12:27 PM, December 18, 2010

Anonymous said…
all the warning signs were there…..living above means. outlandish stories, differing upon the setting and the people listening, people in the real world know that James Keown would not even be a candidate to mow “the yard”…let alone be accepted into the MBA business School….. That doesn’t me that person will commit murder. The people around him should have had the sense and courage to tell him he was full of himself, and that he was a fraud, and especially some of these that employed him, who had the resources to find out then, not now. Having the door slammed in your face tends to humble a person and bring them back to earth…..James had nothing but enablers in his life


  1. This is So Sad.