• Unfiltered Sunshine – Nature’s Gift to Health

    It is not an exaggeration to say that sunshine is the source of all life.

    Probably nothing that I or any other natural health writer ever writes, could be more controversial than to write about natural, unfiltered sunshine as a way to achieve great and lifelong health. I mean, sunshine CAUSES cancer don’t you know?

    In reality, I and many other natural health writers maintain and believe that it is the LACK of natural, unfiltered sunshine that in fact, is a significant cause of cancer, and many other diseases!

    Sunlight gives life to all life on earth beginning at the microscopic level. We humans have adapted to sunshine as a health mechanism that sustains us, supports our immune systems, and helps us to ward off diseases.

    Sunshine and Vitamin D

    One of the most significant aspects of sunlight and sunshine is it’s ability to flood the human body with Vitamin D. Vitamin D provides numerous human health benefits. Some of these benefits include greatly reducing the risk of certain cancers, heart disease, SKIN cancer, and many other auto-immune disorders.

    Is Modern Medicine Beginning to See the Light of Sunlight?

    In a recent AP story, a finding was summarized from four different studies, that showed exposure to sunshine produces huge amounts of Vitamin D, which in turn, protects against many different types of cancers.

    And according to Dr. Douglass in the Douglass Report,

    …”as if this weren’t enough of a pleasant surprise to me, the piece also reports that many of the mainstream doctors and scientists who are newly converted to this sun-friendly camp are vocally questioning the benefits of sunscreen – some even going so far as to suggest that they CAUSE cancer by blocking the body’s natural production of Vitamin D.”

    Personally, beginning in spring with exposure to sunshine, I have endorsed building up to twenty minutes of unfiltered sunshine each day for optimum health. Of course, unfiltered in this context means out-in-the-open, natural – no sunscreen – sunshine. I myself started with short exposure to spring sunshine and gradually built up to twenty minutes per day of unprotected exposure to the sun.

    Actually, I regularly combine my “Step 7” (Walking – of my 10 steps to Health and Wellness),with twenty minutes or more of sunshine to accomplish great natural health!

    As I said earlier, I know many people will try to discredit this post, but I remain convinced, that natural sunshine is ESSENTIAL to good health. It is my opinion, that a nice two mile walk in sunshine, produces great physical and emotional health and a heightened sense of well-being.

    More and more evidence is coming forth to back up what I say here, and what I have known for years, and that is:

    Know sunshine, know health – no sunshine, no health!

    Someday, I have no doubt, that medicine will look back in horror at the con job it perpetrated on the public by endorsing staying out of the sun.

    Either through ignorance or through direct and purposeful intention, modern medicine has dealt the public at large a ‘poor health and death sentence’ with it’s many myths about exposure to direct, unfiltered sunshine.

    I can only hope, that as the medical world turns, that more and more reports will come forward to substantiate what I and many others already know, and that is that natural, unfiltered sunshine in moderation is not only good for you, but it ESSENTIAL to lasting health and wellness.

  • TREVO Business Review – Products And Compensation Plan

    Are you searching for a network marketing opportunity? If so, I would recommend a health and wellness company, and there are various reasons why joining a health and wellness MLM is the right decision.

    If you have researched the health and wellness MLM industry, you might have come across a company called TREVO. Trevo is making waves in the home based business, and you might need some information if you want to be part of this opportunity, so here is my review of the Trevo product and business opportunity.

    Trevo LLC are the brains behind the ground breaking product, Trevo, which is based on 174 neutraceuticals in one bottle. Trevo LLC operates from Oklahoma, USA. The owners of Trevo are Mark A Stevens, and Holli Stevens and both of them are veterans in the MLM industry, having built massive teams, and have 60 years combined experience in the industry.

    Trevo LLC’s main product is also called Trevo, is a one of its kind blend of 174 natural ingredients a bottle. Its made up of exotic fruits like goji berry, ashwaghandha, gotu kola, aloe vera, mangosteen, etc, as well as superfoods like chlorella, etc, and is a complete health system in a bottle, and one of the benefits of Trevo is that the Trevo drink helps to plug the nutritional gaps in the diet. It has a high ORAC score of over 400,000 as verified from Brunswick laboratories, in fact, the Trevo drink has been touted as a one stop shop for nutritional supplements.

    I am sure some of you are screaming “show me the money”, do not worry, I will get to that.

    Trevo has a hybrid compensation plan which is a blend of a straight line matrix and unilevel. The straight line matrix means that if you decide to become a Trevo Life and Health Coach, every one who joins Trevo LLC, after you, will be queued directly behind you, and once you reach the higher levels of the compensation plan, you will get to earn off every life and health coach worldwide who joined after you. Which is quite amazing. The unilevel system of Trevo LLC also allows you to register an unlimited number of people on your first generation.

    Trevo has 8 ways to make money. I will outline them below.

    • Retailing – You can retail the Trevo drink and earn up to 40% retail profits.
    • Fast Start Bonus – You get commissions for each person you enroll (for example under a 3 bottle pack, Trevo pays 60 USD per enrollment).
    • Matching Bonus
    • Group Volume Commissions – Also known as autoship commissions.
    • Global Pool Bonus
    • Bulk Pack commissions
    • Leadership bonuses
    • Charity Bonuses

    To succeed in the Trevo business, you need to learn skills and methods, and how to market your business online and offline, so you can absolutely crush it in the business.